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  • "Howlin' Mad" was originally the nickname of World War II General Holland Smith of the United States Marines, although today Howlin' Mad Murdock is a lot more well known than Howlin' Mad Smith. Smith's nickname was the result of how he reacted to bullshit (as seen in Flags of Our Fathers), while Murdock's is the result of the fact that he's bugfuck-crazy.

The Out of Towners

  • At the finish of the break-in at the club, Murdock drops Porky Pig's Catchphrase, "That's all folks!"
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  • Near the end of the episode, Murdock says Tracy is going to show him the sights of New York, including the building connected with "the big ape."

The Only Church in Town

  • When B.A. declares that he's not flying to Ecuador and they need another method of transportation, Murdock messes with the lights in Face's scammed house and intones, "Beam us up, Scotty."

When You Comin' Back, Range Rider?

  • The entire two-parter is a long shout-out to obscure 1950's television serial The Range Rider.
  • Murdock sings a bit of the Mr. Ed theme song.

The Taxicab Wars

  • After refusing Hannibal's offer to make restitution, the villain calls him "the colonel", presumably because his disguise of the week looks like Colonel Sanders, the mascot of KFC.

There's Always a Catch

  • Face explains what will happen if he (the Magnificent Templeton) doesn't escape before the partition separating him from the shark goes up with, "Jaws 4."
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  • Murdock calls one of Garber's men "Popeye" as he demands his surrender.

Say It With Bullets

  • In the beginning, Murdock does an imitation of the Beaver.
  • At one point, Murdock does a bit in an accent about how "you are not coming to the club to meet Caesar Romero, and that's final."
  • While Tawnia is attempting to put the bug on Harnett, Murdock runs on about how they've followed home a soldier who's taken a pretty girl back to the house, who doesn't know he's on Murdock Camera".
  • When he's shooting at Decker, Hannibal quips, "How To Win Friends And Influence People", the name of a bestselling book.




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