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  • Anything Murdock does.
  • Any time Face has to break Murdock out of the V.A., and any of the times Murdock breaks himself out.
  • For being a big, tough bruiser, B.A. has a surprisingly high-pitched snicker, which we hear more than once.

     Season One 
Mexican Slayride
  • Hannibal in his monster costume daring the MP's to cross the Red Sea set. When it works, he turns the water back on. One would think they would have remembered what happened in the original account.
  • B.A. gets suspicious en route to the airport. Hannibal asserts they're nowhere near the airport — and is contradicted twice by the airplanes roaring by overhead.
  • B.A. tries to punch Hannibal upon realizing what's going on, but keels over mid-blow. Amy says incredulously, "He hit you!" and Hannibal responds that B.A. didn't hit him.
    Hannibal: If he'd hit me, I'd be in the hospital.
  • While they're boarding the plane, Amy spots Lynch, who's also spotted them. She asks Hannibal "What's that?", and Hannibal replies, "That's nothing." Right. Having the army on your back is nothing.
  • Amy asks why Face and Hannibal are binding B.A. after they get him on the plane. Hannibal's answer, delivered in a completely matter-of-fact tone: "So he doesn't kill us once he wakes up."
  • Hannibal's way of informing Murdock that B.A. will soon be conscious and they need to get the plane down: "The sleeping giant awakes."

Pros and Cons

  • Hannibal, acting as his own agent, tells the producer of Sinbad Goes to Mars how seriously John Smith takes his portrayal of monsters.
  • Hannibal stages a drunk-driving incident to get into the prison, ending with the team holding out their hands for the cuffs. The sheriff, not wanting outsiders involved, gives them a pass. Cue Hannibal's face drooping into a let-down expression from the fake drunken grin.
  • Hannibal ultimately resorts to driving a car through the wall of the sheriff's office. When the sheriff hollers that he's had it and they're going to jail, Hannibal calmly thanks him while lighting a cigar.
  • Murdock completely exasperating the prison staff with a faked fixation: "I want TRAAASHBAAAGS! I want TRAAASHBAAAGS!"
  • When the prison staff takes B.A. away for one of the death matches, one of the guards comments mockingly on Hannibal's expression, questioning why he looks like that.
    Hannibal [high-pitched, delicate voice]: I hate violence. I just hate it.
    Hannibal smacks down the guy and knocks him out.

Black Day at Bad Rock

  • After escaping from jail and locking the sheriff in his own cells the A Team are forced to come back and release him in order to deal with a biker gang.
    Sheriff: "You came back"
    Hannibal: "That's right."
    Sheriff: "Okay, I'll bite. Why?"
    Face: "You're supposed to count to a hundred and yell ready or not."
  • Murdock doing a full-body chicken impression to lure the Barbarians into the trap.

The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

  • A garage attendant, who just complained about never getting to park any cars thanks to how cheap people are, knocks on the A-Team's van — and comes face to face with the annoyed B.A. The scared attendant meekly accepts his snappish answer that he doesn't want help parking the car.
  • The end of the episode: Murdock attempting to "thumb a ride"— only he's attempting to flag down airplanes, not cars. When one airplane doesn't stop, he yells an insult after it.
    Airport official: We've got a civilian on the runway...he seems to be trying to hitchhike.

The Out-of-Towners

  • While they're posing as civilians to get intel on the bad guys, Hannibal gets punched and Face gets knocked into a basket. After the incident is over, one of the victims of the week examines Hannibal and finds that the guy who punched him broke a rib. Face asks if a doctor is out of the question. Hannibal responds that he'll go on without one...and Face looks at his little finger, which has a bit of blood, seemingly indicating that he wasn't talking about Hannibal's broken rib.
  • One of the villains' mooks just happens to get in the cab Face is using while the team is getting ready for the showdown. What follows is an extremely bad day for said mook, as he gets taken along while Face returns to the showdown street, has Face lock the doors and blasely ignore his threats, and gets told when Face gets out that he'll probably be happier locked in the car for what's going to happen. The viewer sees the guy cringing during the ensuing firefight, and when the team escorts "East Side Charlie" and the other mooks to the cab, he gets out and runs away.

Holiday in the Hills

  • Murdock convincing Face to use his scrounging skills:
    Face [reads Murdock's list]: Are you nuts?
    Murdock: Absolutely and totally.
    Face: How am I gonna get all this stuff out here in the middle of nowhere?
    Murdock: Hey you always say you can get anything, anywhere, anytime.
    Face: Yeah, but I—
    Murdock: Think of it as a challenge. How did you get that '53 Cadillac convertible in the jungles of 'Nam?
    * Beat*
    Murdock: How did you get that '53 Cadillac convertible in the jungles of 'Nam?
    Face [smirks]: Professional secret.
  • Face's entire conversation with Louanne during his priest scam. His absolute adorkableness while pretending to be the priest is a major part of what makes this scene so funny. His expressions throughout are just priceless, as is his delivery. This bit in particular:
    Face: You're such a sweet soul. So innocent, pretty...just like...Mary Anne.
    Louanne: Mary Anne? [Face nods] My name's Louanne.
    Face: Really?
    Louanne: Y'know I've always been kinda fascinated with priests because they aren't allowed...I mean, they don't...
    Face: Ah. But sometimes...they do.
    Louanne: Oh and Mary Anne?
    Face: Sometimes the runner...stumbles.
    Louanne: Oh, Father, I'm truly sorry. What can I do to help?
    Face: Well...would you happen to have a gasoline engine?
    Louanne: Gasoline engine?
    Face: Y'know, for my power lawn mower.
    Louanne: You want a... power lawn mower?
  • Also, this, from the beginning.
    Face: Murdock, uh, what's gonna happen?
    Murdock: Looks like we gonna crash.
    Face: [laughs nervously]: C'mon, really, what's gonna happen?
    Murdock: It looks like we gonna crash...and die.
  • Murdock flirting with himself in two different accents is absolutely hilarious.
  • Murdock's response to one of B.A.'s accusations:
  • Face running into a tree and falling backwards in a wacky fashion.

One More Time

  • This conversation between Colonel Lynch and one of his M.P.'s at the beginning of the episode.
    MP: Well, Colonel Lynch, chasing Hannibal Smith as much as we have, I've come to appreciate his sense of humor.
    Lynch: Sense of humor? You think that's funny then, Hannibal Smith working under the name of 'Lynch'?
    MP: Well I mean considering the fact that we've looked everywhere for him, and all this time he's working in the open under your very name.
    *Lynch glares at him*
    * Beat*
    MP: Well, no, sir, I don't think that's funny.
  • The army offers Hannibal, Face, and B.A. a Mercy Lead for rescuing one of their old commanders. B.A. isn't keen on taking it, railing repeatedly about how the general called him a liar and nobody calls B.A. Baracas a liar. It gets to where Hannibal has to stop him and say that he thinks he's made that point.

Till Death Do Us Part

  • Murdock helps a client escape her evil fiance by taking her place in the wedding. During his getaway, he stops to shake an elderly guest's hand:
    Murdock: Thanks so much for coming to my wedding! I love your dress! [runs off, wedding dress and veil billowing out behind him]
  • Even funnier is Murdock, still in the wedding dress, running after the catering truck that the rest of the team is using as a getaway vehicle, and Face leaning out the back of the truck, shouting, "Come to me, my precious!"
  • And later in the episode, he writes the villain a letter of apology for leaving him at the altar.
  • Face's "wedding". Particularly B.A. having to give him one of his oversized rings to put on the bride's finger and the silly face B.A. makes for the wedding video.

     Season Two 

Labor Pains

  • Murdock corrects a guy calling him mad in his own way:
    Villain: "You're nuts!"
    Murdock: "No, I'm not, I'm condiments. I've been promoted."
  • Murdock is fooling around with a ouija board the whole time. At the end, he goes into another "trance" and begins to intone "Decker is coming, Decker is coming...". BA is fed up and just as things are about to get ugly, they hear sirens. Cue incredulous expressions from everyone except Hannibal- whose face just screams Oh, Crap!.


  • B.A. threatens to drop Murdock's radio if he turns it up one more time. Murdock says, "You wouldn't" — and B.A. does. The few seconds afterward, with Murdock complaining to Hannibal about it and Hannibal telling him to quiet down as he can't hear what's happening inside, are hilariously similar to a pair of siblings asking for intervention from a parent who's too busy to get involved at the moment.
  • Face's reaction when an actor in a Cylon costume walks past where he's standing; this Throw It In moment ended up being used in the show's opening credits in later seasons.
  • The ending. The job is wrapped up and Hannibal tells Face to take Murdock back to the V.A. Face begins complaining about how he picked Murdock up and how he doesn't want him acting like a dog in his absolutely no effect.

The Taxicab Wars

  • Murdock becoming Captain Cab and Captain Cab's timid alter-ego, Dr. Vern, veterinarian, and also voicing Captain Cab's sidekick sassy sock-puppet dog, Socky.
  • B.A. grabs Murdock's bag away and complains about how he's got a cape and mask in there. Hannibal says, "No cowl?"

The Maltese Cow

  • The A-Team dump Chris Thomas in front of the police station and speed away. Two officers notice him. Thomas tries to get away, but can only manage baby steps because the team tied his legs together.
  • B.A., finally getting sick of Murdock's antics, chases him, gags him with a piece of tape, and turns his quirk-of-the-week around on him by saying he's the new private eye in town, who's got "The Maltese Fool".

In Plane Sight

Say It With Bullets

  • When Hannibal sends Murdock to monitor Tawnia while she's attempting to slip the bug on Harnett, Face asks if they hadn't better send someone more "jelled" than "the Golden Age of Television" to keep watch over her.
  • Colonel Decker is tricked into destroying his guest house on the Army base, thinking that Hannibal and the team are holed up inside. His irate reaction, "A JOKE??????!!!!!" after realizing he's been had is priceless.
  • Murdock is thorough:
    Hannibal: "Are these the only guys in the van, Murdock?"
    Murdock: "Yes, sir. I checked for invisibles, but they didn't have any with them."
  • B.A. using Murdock's quirk of the week -- pretending to be on television -- against him. Grabbing the remote, he notices that there's a volume control. The episode ends with B.A. turning the volume down until finally Murdock is squawking open-mouthed with no sound coming out.

Chopping Spree

  • At the end, most of the group humors Murdock and says goodbye to the plant he's been doting on all episode...all except B.A., who passes it off as foolishness. Then, when all the others have piled into the van, he approaches the plant. Then he turns around for a moment and sees that everyone is looking at him. They quickly return to normal positions upon realizing they've been caught.

Harder Than It Looks

  • Face complaining "Why does he always do this to me?" at realizing what Hannibal did.
  • This exchange:
    Murdock: The colonel really bends my mind out shape, you know?
    B.A.: If your mind was bent out of shape, it'd be straight, fool!

Deadly Manuevers

  • The ending. Hannibal insists on continuing with their training, and he, Murdock, and B.A. jog off. Face waits until they're all some distance ahead of him, and, smiling smugly, climbs into the van, which Tawnia and Dr. Sullivan were supposed to drive back to town. As the van catches up with the others, he waves at B.A., who drags him out of the van.

     Season Three 
The Bend in the River: Part II
  • Murdock sings "Witch Doctor" while wearing a tribal mask, leading to this exchange:
    Baracus: What, are you crazy, fool?!
    Murdock: Walla walla bing bang!
    Baracus: I coulda hurt you before I realized who was behind this crazy thing! You're supposed to be on guard duty. Now take over, while I go check out the perimeter. And keep your mind on your job, or I'll walla walla bing bang you!


  • Face falls victim to Murdock's Bigfoot obsession as Murdock, who is rooming with him, first keeps him up half the night talking about it and then wakes him up at five in the morning blowing the Bigfoot call he brought along.
  • As the team is about the leave, Murdock hears the jangling of one of his Bigfoot traps. The team runs over to see that he caught B.A., who hangs there yelling threats and demands to be released as the episode goes to the credits.

The Bells of St. Mary's

  • Face interrupts Murdock's rambling about how great B.A. is and B.A. tells Face to leave Murdock alone, saying that he's a little odd but not so bad.
  • Murdock's self-satisfied strut after running onto the field and "winning one for the Gipper".
  • After Murdock has decided B.A. is not so great as he's been saying all episode, he gives him one of the funnier chew-outs ever given in the show, which leads to B.A. chasing him off the field as the episode goes to credits.

Hot Styles

  • Hannibal and Murdock using French accents for an entire scene just for the hell of it.


  • A robber carjacks Murdock and demands he drive him somewhere in the van. Murdock warns him that stealing B.A.'s precious van is "like taking downtown Tokyo away from Godzilla."

Cup 'A Joe

  • Murdock is taking inventory while the others are loading the boxes. He withstands both Hannibal's nudging and Face's offer to "switch jobs"...and then B.A. applies the threat of physical force and breaks his clipboard, sending Murdock scurrying to help with the boxes. Hannibal gives B.A. a congratulatory shoulder pat.

The Big Squeeze

  • At the beginning, Murdock, in character as a member of the B.B.D.W.G.O.H., is going on and happens to mention filing grievances. B.A. mentions he has a grievance to file: he doesn't like Murdock.
  • During the funeral, Jack Lane goes up to spit in Hannibal's face...and gets a nasty surprise when the "deceased" sits up very much alive. The shock on his face is absolutely priceless.


  • At the end, B.A. and Murdock inform Face, who started the whole incident by investing their money in a boxer, that they've arranged a match for him, otherwise known as "Dandy Dan Peckman."

Moving Targets

  • B.A. wakes up and starts yelling in outrage at realizing he was knocked out and put on a plane again despite being firm that he was staying on the ground. That's funny in and of itself, but then Hannibal goes to negotiate with him...but only the promise that B.A. can take revenge on them once they've completed the mission calms him down. He spends the rest of the episode snickering and making Face and Murdock paranoid.

Beverly Hills Assault

Incident at Crystal Lake

  • Hannibal chiding Face about falling for Decker's bait — a pretty girl.
    Face: It could have happened to anyone.
    Hannibal: Yes, but it always happens to you!

     Season Four 
Where Is The Monster When You Need Him?
  • Murdock's 'pilot's prayer'.
    Murdock: Oh God: the sky is so big and my plane is so crummy, please don't let me eat it.
  • Face explaining that B.A. is there for ballast when someone asks him about the big guy on the plane.

Lease With an Option to Die

  • Mrs. Baracus puts Face in a very difficult position when she asks him if he agrees with her that a man shouldn't wear more jewelry than his mother, while B.A. (wearing all his gold as usual) is standing nearby.
  • Hannibal and Murdock masquerading as an old, wheelchair-bound woman and her yo-yo obsessed son (respectively) threaten and then shoot up the office of The Dragon in that episode, without once breaking character. Those couple of minutes holds so much Crazy Is Cool and complete hilarity as Hannibal plays the sweet and proper old lady (including the sweet and innocent look he holds while shooting up the office) and Murdock the doting son (who knocks out a couple of goons with his yo-yo for his mother as any good son should) has to be seen twice to be believed.
  • The team encounters a Wire Dilemma, which B.A. barely manages to solve in time. Face asks if B.A. could take more time on the next occasion so he could have a heart attack and not have to worry about being blown up.

Mind Games

  • While it may have been unintentional, there's something funny about Hannibal, whose name is "John Smith", saying that "nobody's named 'John Jones'" when voicing his suspicions that the guy is a CIA operative.
  • After Face leaves the team, Murdock takes over his position...poorly. Later, the other three are interrogating one of the bad guys after Face is kidnapped. Murdock offers to charm the information out of him, and B.A. suggests he could punch it out of him. Hannibal tells the guy either option would be unpleasant.
  • Face gets one-upped by Murdock, who is still imitating him. Face does an extreme Murdock impression...whereupon the V.A. staff come in and, not recognizing that the crazy guy in the tiger jacket isn't Murdock, drag him away.

There Goes the Neighborhood

  • B.A. yelling at Face to quit hogging the bathroom.
  • The expression on one of the drug smugglers' faces when he wakes up after the fight with Murdock and B.A., tied to the others and with a sign around his head proclaiming his crime and advising the reader to arrest him.

Wheel of Fortune

  • Face and B.A. having a fight about Face's current house and B.A.'s version of housesitting.
  • The day of the flight to Hawaii, Face attempts to scam Murdock out of the VA hospital, ostensibly for a study on stress. One of the nurses tells him Murdock is already gone and won't be back for two weeks. Without changing the story at all, Face screams that Murdock went without him and races away.
  • After B.A. has smashed their storefront with his van and held them at gunpoint while interrogating them about what happened to Murdock, two of the villains tell B.A. that he and Face will be in trouble with the US government. B.A. retorts that he knows. Guess they missed the memo...

The Duke of Whispering Pines

  • Murdock, trying to follow Blackburn, attempts to talk a kid into giving up his bike while simultaneously trying to shake off a dog that's got its teeth sunk into his pants leg. The kid declines, even when Murdock offers to buy the bike. So Murdock offers to throw in the dog, and it works.

The Trouble With Harry

     Season Five 

Firing Line

  • The Team have been captured and are facing a firing squad. Each has an Imagine Spot about ways to escape the situation. BA's is that Murdock flies in with a chopper ready to rescue him. But instead of pulling BA up right away, Murdock tries to get him to agree to more and more demands, like moving in with him. Eventually, BA jumps back down and tells the squad to go ahead and shoot.

Point of No Return

  • After the team is exposed to radiation:
    Frankie: I wanted to have kids. Do you think we can still have kids, Murdock?
    Murdock: I don't think I know you well enough.

  • Hannibal (older white guy, for reference) carjacks B.A. (absolutely jacked black guy) for his van:
    B.A.: You're carjacking me? What is it, Opposite Day?
  • Hannibal recruiting Murdock from the hospital, and the doctor informs him how crazy the man is.
    Doctor: He's a crack pilot, but he's also a functioning lunatic. Last week he tried to escape by jump-starting an ambulance.
    Murdock: [Flashback to him hastily rubbing defibrillator paddles to charge them, then applies them to the engine block] CLEAR! [massive shock that sends him ass over kettle] Dammit!
    Hannibal: [back to present, with Hannibal grinning like a loon] My kind of guy!
  • These lines between B. A. And Murdock in the opening helicopter escape:
    Murdock: You can't park there, it's a handicapped zone!
  • Hannibal and Morrison getting their digs at Lynch and the CIA.
    Hannibal: Ya know, I knew an Agent Lynch back in the first Desert Storm.
    Lynch: Yeah, I come from a long line of Lynches.
    Hannibal: You ever stop to think that one of the reasons nobody trusts the CIA is that no one knows your real names?
    [later in Morrison's tent when lynch tries to "convince" the general to approve the seriously scandal-prone plate mission]
    Morrison: You know, you remind me of someone. CIA stooge; Stationed in Laos? [Hannibal hides a knowing smile]
    Lynch: No relation.
    Morrison: Really? Cuz you remind me of him.
    Lynch: [barely hiding his disdain] I'm doing Kabul in an hour. Let me know when you're ready to start taking this seriously. [leaves]
    Morrison: He's wearing body armor in the HQ... And that should tell you all you need to know about the CIA.
  • Murdock's...unique method of barbecuing steaks. The comments from the peanut gallery are the icing on a deranged cake.
    Murdock: Gunpowder cookin', nothin' like it. (flip steak, explosion) Face, you want it napalmed or nuked? (sprinkles gunpowder on steak)
    Face: Ohhh, nuke it. Nuke it!
    B.A.: Murdock, burn the hell outta it. (flip steak, explosion) Like it was damned!
    Face: Burn the whole place down, buddy!
    Murdock: You want secret sauce?
    Face: No. Nonononono! None of that antifreeze!
    B.A.: The secret's out! You crazy! Everybody knows!
    Face: No-one can do an antifreeze marinade like you can, Murdock! But, I got a little Bell's Palsy the last time I ate that.
    Murdock: It's only partial paralysis. Come on. Take it like a man!
  • Face: "What’s that smell? Oh yeah, it’s me. I’m in an Iraqi sewer! Thanks, Boss!"
  • When the passports for Murdock (dressed as an Orthodox rabbi) and B.A. (dressed in comically-stereotypical African garb) get mixed up, with B.A. getting the one saying he's a Rabbi while Murdock gets the one which says he's from Tanzania with the check-in clerk being from Tanzania himself. BA thinks quickly and pulls a story out of his ass about a life-changing conversion to Judaism. After a little stuttering, Murdock reveals he is able to speak in flawless Swahili and manages to convince the Tanzanian check-in clerk he is from Tanzania.
    Face: You speak Swahili?
    Murdock: You don't?
  • Murdock's Braveheart impression.
  • Before making his escape, Murdock is shown to get regular electric shock treatments, none of which have any effect other than a pleasurable tingle. Not only that, he also charms his hot young nurse with some deep philosophy that she takes to heart.
    Murdock: [getting shocked] Woooooo hooooo! That's what I'm talkin' about!
    Doctor: [observing from other room with another doctor] It seems he's completely impervious to the treatments. Nothing has any effect on him!
    Murdock: Is that all you got?! [Nurse turns up shock machine to full power There we go!
    [Next shock kills the power to the whole building]
    Murdock: Yeah, I think I might've felt something there.
  • All of the escapes.
    • Hannibal uses tetrodotoxin to feign death, then kicks his way out of the prison crematorium.
    Mortician: (playing What the Fu Are You Doing?) You... are... not... permitted... in... my... dojo! (punches crematorium door closed)
    Hannibal: (revealed behind door) ...So, Satan walks into this bar...
    Mortician: (faints)
    • Face has conned his way into a Luxury Prison Suite complete with enthusiastic female company and is up for parole in a week. Hannibal locks him in his tanning booth and hauls it away on a hand truck.
    • B.A. is more of a CMOA, but it turns out Hannibal misjudged B.A.'s weight and was downright lucky he didn't get him killed by yanking him off a bus with a grappling hook.
    • And Murdock? Is enjoying driving the asylum doctors nuts by being Too Kinky to Torture. Then he receives a movie with 3D glasses, immediately figures out Hannibal's scheme via Bat Deduction, and goes through an extended sequence of handing out the glasses to his fellow patients and is fully prepared for the ridiculousness to come. Particularly giggle-worthy is the movie playing the series theme tune (with credited actors like Reginald Barclay and GF Starbuck), finishing just as Hannibal crashes a Humvee right through the fourth wall into the theater. As it settles to a stop, the patients break out howling and applauding.
    Face: Oh Captain! Your chariot awaits!
    Murdock: Sorry boys, gotta run! Can't finish the movie! Do let me know how it ends...
    • During the subsequent chase, he's still wearing his glasses:
    "You should see these bullets in 3D! It's like we're really getting shot at!"
  • Just before the tank:
    Murdock: Don't worry boys! Turbulence has never brought down a plane!
    [alarms go off]
    Face: What the hell is that?!
    Murdock: But... we got inbound subsonic UAVs with missile lock! And they bring down planes all the time!
  • EVERYTHING involving the "flying tank."
    • After Face gets the bright idea to use the tank's weapons to take out the drones, Murdock is giddy with excitement. B.A. is... not.
    Murdock: Let me have a turn, Face! C'mon!
    B.A.: Why we in a falling tank?!
    Murdock: Because the plane exploded!
    B.A.: What? But I—What?! When?!
    Murdock: ...Recently! The Reapers shot it down!
    B.A.: What Reapers?
    Murdock: The same ones that’re still trying to kill us!
    Hannibal: Technically we're not flying...
    B.A.: I know! 'Cause we FALLING, fool!
    • Hannibal is confident. Face has decided to go down shooting. Murdock is giddy at the thought of falling to their deaths (admittedly, if you’re gonna go out, falling out of the sky in a tank with guns blazing is a pretty awesome way to go). B.A. cries, "I’m too young to die!"
    • Though Face manages to shoot down one of the Reapers, the debris manages to take out two of the parachutes. Hannibal's response? He has Face start firing the tank's cannon;
    Soldier: Are they trying to shoot down that other drone?
    Sosa: No, they're trying to fly that tank.
    • Actually, she's wrong; They're trying to do both. And they succeed.
    Murdock: He's flying the tank!
    B.A.: You can't fly a tank, fool!
    • As the tank is falling, the camera does a close-up zoom on the "HOW'S MY DRIVING" bumper sticker on the back.
    • Finally, they just happen to be above a lake where an old man in a boat is dynamite fishing while his wife critiques.
      BGM: (Polka music)
      Old man: (throws dynamite)
      Dynamite: (muffled explosion)
      Old woman: It's not fair to the fish! You're cheating!
      Old man: You with your nagging... You're chasing them away!
      Tank shell: (Bomb Whistle - SPLASH)
      Old Woman: (looks over shoulder)
      Old Man: (looks up)
      Tank: (hits water, capsizing the Old Man's boat)
      Old woman: (giggles at the scene like a schoolgirl)
  • Just about anything Murdock says counts as one right after another, but one particularly notable example is the German fisherman's wife.
    • Speaking of the hausfrau, her expression when her husband gets dunked is priceless.
    • And then when the tank drives out of the water, with US ARMY prominently marked on the side, Murdock pops out of the commander's hatch and asks for directions to Berlin.
  • Also, after about the fourth flying incident: Murdock says that drugging B.A. was Hannibal and Face's idea, but the food was Murdock's.
    [Murdock injects B.A. just before getting onto a seaplane; B.A. promptly faceplants.]
    Face: Murdock, what did we tell you? You have to...
    Hannibal and Face together: catch him after you inject him.
    Murdock: ... my bad.
    • 'Toast points!'
      • 'Why do I feel like I fell on my face?'
  • "You're really, really tan."
  • Murdock and the helicopter at the beginning of the movie. He exclaims in a British accent, "Oh, you gorgeous rustbucket! Did you miss your daddy?" and a few moments later is seen swinging on one of the blades singing, "You spin me right round, baby, right round...Rotors are good, sir!" That part alone was worth the ticket price.
    Face: WHO IS THIS GUY?!

  • Hannibal saying "whoopsie" after he's just ran over Pike; something about the deadpan glee in Liam Neeson's voice is absolutely hysterical.
  • Sosa eye-gouging Face in the photo booth, seen in successive freeze-frames.
  • Face prevents Sosa from being assassinated in Frankfurt by firing a pistol into the wall, hiding it, pointing to Lynch’s lackey (the same inept dipshit who later fails on every level to execute Pike) and screaming in German that he has a gun. The CIA guy just freezes like a deer in the headlights.
    Face: [blends into the crowd with a shit-eating grin] Sucker...
  • "It's just like Call of Duty!"
  • The scene where Lynch's flunky is completely screwing up his attempt to execute Pike. It gets to the point that Pike himself is giving him pointers, and for his last request, asks that someone else kill him because of how embarrassing it is. The entire scene is hilarious:
    Pike: (As an agent pulls out a gun.) "Hey. What are you doing? In the car?"
    Lynch: "Are we doing... Are we gonna do this in the car?"
    Pike: "You doing this?"
    Lynch: "He's gonna do it."
    Pike: (Agent drops his silencer.) "Way to go. That's brilliant, right there. What are you doing? What is he doing?" (Agent puts his gun between his legs, barrel pointing up.) "Jesus."
    Lynch: "How's it going, Kyle? You all right?"
    Kyle: "I'm good."
    Pike: "Brother, you are far from good. What are you doing?"
    Kyle: (Screwing the silencer in the wrong direction.) "It's a European silencer."
    Pike: "It's a suppressor. Counter-clockwise. You're holding a gun like that? You've held a gun like that before and you're still here? That's amazing." (Kyle points the gun at Pike's chest, putting the agent sitting on Pike's other side directly in the line of fire.) "Don't point that thing... Jesus. Final request, don't let this guy shoot me, please."
    Lynch: "Okay, this was not well thought out."
    Pike: "No shit. I mean, look at this. Am I to teach you how to kill me? Hey, do me a favor, all right? Put the barrel... Put the gun flush to my head."
    Kyle: "Are you sure?" (He hesitantly puts the gun to Pike's head.)
    Pike: "There you go, right there. Before you hurt somebody besides me." (He proceeds to disarm Kyle and hand his gun to the other agent. Lynch immediately points his own gun at Pike.) "There you go. We're okay. We're okay." (He reveals his open handcuffs.) "Never cuff a man in a seated position with his hands behind his back. Makes it impossible to see the hands."
    Lynch: "That was cool."
    Pike: "You like that?"
    Lynch: "I like that. I like that a lot." (The other agent, Brad, gets a phone call and he answers it with the gun still in his hand. Lynch turns to Kyle.) "Are you all right, you idiot?"
    Kyle: "Yeah. it was a good hit."
    Lynch: "Please handcuff him."
    Pike: "We don't need to use them again. We don't need the cuffs."
    Lynch: "Who are you talking to?" (Brad has his left hand, the hand holding the gun, over his free ear so that he can hear what the phone is saying.) "Brad, phone or gun."
    Pike: "Jesus."
    Lynch: "Phone or gun. Pick."
    Pike: (The gun's barrel swings dangerously close to his head.) "Hey, hey."
  • Face rolling down the hill, throwing up, and then making out with the hot wife of the guy he shouldn't have pissed off.
    • Face claimed he was "saving" the lovely Mrs. Tuco. Hannibal and the rest ask him from what.
    • Then, 8-1/2 years later, Face has pretty much taken over a federal prison in the six months he's been there, to the extent that the prison staff are all his friends, he is remodeling his cell to be a practical paradise, is managing to get some tail while locked up, and was a week away from his parole hearing when Hannibal busted him out against his will.
  • "Gentlemen, are any of you armed and/or wanted fugitives? Well we're both."
  • Sosa twigs The A Team had given her the slip and discovers four soldiers imitating them, who thought she's a stripper and reveal they were given a case of beer and fifty bucks apiece. Except for a big Asian guy who was given a hundred for shaving his hair.
  • This exchange:
    Murdock: (to B.A. while playing with a pig hand puppet) Hello! My name is Percy! Would you like some pork?
    B.A.: ...If I broke every bone in your hand, could you still do that?
  • B.A. swearing revenge on the other three for tricking him into flying...again.
    B.A.: What you don't realise is now I'm gonna kill all y'all! I'll kill all y'all! Hannibal first, then Murdock! I'm gonna save Face for last!
    B.A. Hell no, I’m not okay! I’m soakin' wet, I stink, and I can’t spend none of this money! Only reason I don’t kick all your asses is 'cause y'all outrank me!
  • Hannibal's briefing on the first mission to steal the plates is all kinds of awesome... And then Murdock asks what his role is:
    Murdock: What about me Boss Man? Any ultra-lights, choppers, gliders?
    Hannibal: [Looking around confused, as B.A. subtly crushes a little plastic helicopter toy in his hand, while he and Face share a wink] Hmm. I had a little helicopter around here somewhere.
    • Even better is how this was all a ploy to get B.A. on board with no hassle, as Murdock appears at just the right moment with a heavy-lifting gunship to haul the cargo crate... While B.A. is trapped inside it, safely away from Murdock.
      Murdock: [Screaming over the radio at the insurgents he just annihilated with the gunship] Yeah! Come on, I'll smoke you!
      B.A. [overhearing everything] What?! Murdock?! What the hell that foo doin' here?!
      [Hannibal and Face hook the crate to the gunship]
      B.A.: What the?! Are you- Are you hooking this thing up to the helicopter?! I ain't doin' no flyin'! You better get me the hell outta here!
      Murdock: Huh? Is that Bosco?
      B.A.: [Throwing an epic tantrum in the cramped airborne crate] GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
      Murdock: Oh, he is not happy.
    • The little exchange After the land back at base, with B.A. still stuck in the crate, having cursed up a storm the entire trip.
      Murdock: Let- Let me talk to him.
      Face: [To Hannibal] Is it weird that I'm more scare now, than what we just did?
      Murdock: Boscoooo? It's Murdock.
      B.A.: MURDOCK OPEN THIS DOOR!!! [Slams the crate door so hard it almost breaks off]
      Murdock: I'll make you some of that coconut curry tapenade that you love.
      Face: Ooh, that might work.
      B.A.: [long Beat] … With toast points?