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Tear Jerker / t.A.T.u.

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  • Reading the lyrics to "All the Things She Said" can do it.
    • The Russian version, "Ya Soshla S Uma", is even more depressing. Where "All The Things She Said is fairly abstract, "Ya Soshla S Uma" describes being told her orientation is a disease, being sent to conversion "therapy", being abused by her parents, and possibly committing suicide at the end.
  • "Doshitai Do Sta" ("Count to Hundred"). Even if it is just about a breakup, not death.
  • "Gomenasai," especially now that it's clear that neither singer is even on speaking terms with the other.
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  • "Vsya Moya Lyubov"
  • "30 Minutes" is about suicide.
  • Both of their first solo songs can be interpreted to be breakup songs about the band. "Never Forget You" in particular seems to carry the message of "let it go already, tATu is dead."
  • 10 years after the peak of their success, gay rights in Russia has gotten to the point where even mentioning that you aren't heterosexual in public is enough to warrant an arrest (or, as they call it, "propaganda"). Their efforts failed.
  • Their 2014 split looks almost exactly like a relationship breakup. First Lena posts a video out wanting nothing to do with Julia, then Julia replies with one about "sorting out their differences". The "Love in Every Moment" video highlights this unintentionally by them being in different rooms by Lena's choice, and Julia hugging it out with a Fake Shemp of Lena.
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  • Ivan Shapovalov's treatment of them. At one point, he told Lena she was "too fat" to be a star and she actually fainted one day from not eating. He also kept instructing Yulia continue screaming in their songs, and she developed a vocal cyst which perminantly damaged her voice, even after surgery. Not to mention the other things shown in their Anatomy of t.A.T.u. documentary and Podnebesnaya.
  • Yulia's homophobic statements towards gay men. Coming out to your parents is a huge fear for gays. Coming out and having your parents not accept your sexuality is another. The fact Yulia admitted she would condemn her own son for being gay (while adding that she would accept a lesbian daughter) felt like a betrayal of trust from their largely-queer fanbase. "Malchik Gay" is downright impossible to listen to now.
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  • The child performer troupe Neposedy had their 25th anniversary celebration in 2016, and as former members, both Julia and Lena showed up at the stage to perform "Nas Ne Dogonyat" with them. The performance itself is effectively a Bittersweet Ending to the duo, as they try their best to essentially not even look at eachother. It's clear at this point that they're never performing together again.


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