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Tear Jerker / Spider-Man: The New Animated Series

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  • "When Sparks Fly", the final appearance of Electro, is a very sad episode. He tries to turn Sally into an electrical being like him in an attempt to finally get the companionship he strongly desires. His attempt at transforming Sally is stopped when Spider-Man traps him inside an electrical storage device and tosses him into the sea, destroying him for good. Spidey's last line in the episode also makes it clear that he wished it didn't have to come to this.
    Spider-Man: Maybe now this will bring an end to your pain, Max.
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  • The two-part episode "Mind Games" is the epitome of Downer Ending. After the Gaines twins use their mental abilities to make Spider-Man nearly kill Kraven the Hunter due to being convinced that he killed Mary Jane and subsequently tricking him into rendering Indy comatose, everyone in New York City despises Spider-Man and Peter Parker is forced to quit being Spider-Man so he can stop putting the people he cares about in danger. The tragedy of Peter's decision is made all the more poignant by the fact that the episode ends with him throwing a suitcase containing his Spider-Man costume into the sea, weighing it down with bricks so that it stays at the bottom.

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