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Tear Jerker / Rusty Quill Gaming

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Season 1

  • As Hamid is being dragged away by the tentacle monster in the catacombs, he shouts at Sasha to save herself and then curls up in a ball to accept his fate.
  • Brock's message to Hamid while Hamid's trapped inside Mr Ceiling's simulation: "Look after her for me"
  • Similarly, Sasha saying goodbye to Brock:
    Sasha: Uh, thanks mate. You saved the world. Yeah. Well done. And uh, sorry how it ended. Uh... but you know. You’re... you did good. You did good, lad. And... that’s probably all I’ve got.
    Hamid: Just before I left the simulation, he left a message for me. He asked me to look after you. He was still…wanted you to know that.
    Sasha: Yep. Well. You know, it’s one of those things, innit. You think that you’re alone for all those years and it turns out that you had the best friend there was in the world. It’s uh... it’s a shame. It’s a shame, but I guess most people don’t even get that, so. I’m lucky, really, as it all turns out

Season 2

  • Zolf's sadness after everything goes wrong in Paris, given both his guilt and his inability to do anything without legs:
    Zolf: I don’t think i’m powerful, I think I’m powerless! I can’t walk, I can’t get out, I can’t get out and heal people because I need help to get down the stairs!
  • The climax of the Prague arc, particularly for Hamid. Feebleminded, Hamid transforms into a dragon-like creature and runs away from Kafka. He curls up outside in the rain, sleeping as Kafka forces one of his oldest friends, Bertie, to sacrifice his sister, Aziza, whose music had filled him with pride and love just moments before; Kafka then kills Bertie alongside her. When he's cured of his feeblemind and told of Bertie and Aziza's deaths, his scream is haunting.


Season 3

  • Most of Hamid's scenes with his family about Aziza's death, which even bring Bryn to tears:
    Bryn/Hamid: I’m going to go over to my mother... and... I’m not going to say anything, I’m just going to hug her.
    Alex: ...She leans in and hugs you back.
    Bryn/Hamid: I start crying —
    Alex: Yeah...
    Bryn/Hamid: —and so does Hamid!
  • Wilde's gradual progression from a hilarious, always-quipping, and hyper-competent to exhausted and defeated as he suffers the effects of repeated curses that prevent him from sleeping. Grizzop finds Wilde slumped down on his desk, bleeding from his face, and Wilde has no fight left in him as Grizzop and a cleric insist that Wilde strip and have his head shorn to check for shackleworms.


Season 4

  • While fighting an unwinnable battle in Ancient Rome, Grizzop uses Paladin's Sacrifice to take damage targeted at Sasha, allowing her to survive. Upon finding his body, Sasha, who never shouts and rarely hugs anyone if she can help it, screams and hugs him. She walks out of Rome as dragons lay waste to it, helping anyone she can, knowing that all her friends are gone.
  • Grizzop's last scene – a vision of him in the afterlife, in the Celestial Hunt.
  • Trapped at the top of a lighthouse with a hoard of kobolds gathering below them, Hamid has no choice but to fireball the crowd, leading to dozens of deaths. To make it worse, the party had interacted with other kobolds in the institute, and was aware that the kobold were not entirely in control of their own actions, even if they did seek to murder or subdue the party. Hamid can barely look at the corpses as he goes by.

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