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Season 1

  • With a natural 20 and some Pomp & Pageantry, Bertie successfully intimidates an entire riot into surrendering.
  • As they cross the channel in the middle of a storm, Sasha falls overboard and Zolf throws his armour and trident into the water, tells Poseidon to take him instead, and jumps in after her.

Season 2

  • The party is holed up in an abandoned shop, surrounded by La Gourmande's army, and a representative of La Gourmande has come to negotiate with them. The representative threatens to burn the shop down, and Hamid responds with a Scorching Ray:
    Hamid Why don't we start the burning?
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  • Wilde manages to divert an entire army closing in around them by creating the illusion of tanks and a dragon.

Season 3

  • The party takes down a "squizard" in the single most Curb-Stomp Battle of the game; it doesn't manage to get a single hit out before being pummelled by the party for 82 damage.
  • When absolutely surrounded by cultists, Azu makes good use of her Cleave ability and carves through her enemies like they're butter.
  • Apophis levelling an entire factory to the ground. Enough said.
  • Sasha's entire "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Barrett:
    Sasha: I… I forgive you, Barrett. You didn’t care. All this time, you didn’t. And I think that’s cause no one cared about you. You know, it didn’t — you didn’t care about Brock, it wasn’t to punish me you took him away, you just… didn’t care. You didn’t think there was anything worth caring a-about. I think you should be locked up. I don’t think you’re as important as you thought you were? You should be locked up and not know what’s gonna happen next and know that you are not important for what happens to the world or to — to me, cause you’re not. You’re not important. Just… a man on the floor.
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  • Sasha pulls out some incredibly clever tactics on a gorgon, sneaking her way onto a conveyer belt and stabbing it before it even notices her. The party subsequently manages to take it down before it can successfully turn anyone into stone. Alex comments frustratedly that the encounter should have been much more difficult than it was.
  • The Cult of Hades is threatening the party's loved ones and watching them through a magic mirror? Hamid absolutely eviscerates it.
  • Finding themselves in Rome, where divine magic doesn't work and arcane magic frequently goes awry, the party is beset in the middle of their rest by an invisible foe that knocks out Sasha before their healer, Azu, can even get her armour on. Hamid is unable to see the assailant but can hear that it's immediately above him, so he closes his eyes and casts fireball... on himself. The spell "fails" and is maximized. In one of the single most nerve-wrecking moments of the show, Hamid makes his save. The creature and Hamid are both dealt 31 damage, which Hamid survives solely due to his fire resistance. However, the creature is weakened significantly, and Hamid finds himself in a small crater.
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  • Despite everything else that happens in episode 125, the party successfully escapes a literal god.

Season 4

  • Zolf gets struck by lightning multiple times as he disables the lighthouse and just walks it off.

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