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Nightmare Fuel / Rusty Quill Gaming

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Season 1

  • The Paris catacombs, in which Zolf, Sasha, and Hamid get crushed in a cave-in. Hamid and Sasha, unable to see in the pitch darkness, scramble to pull Zolf out, only to realize that Zolf has lost his second leg, Hamid's hand is not working, and they cannot find their way out of the tunnels. As Sasha goes to look for a way out, she is stalked by an unseen monster with unnatural screams. The party desperately struggle towards what they think is an exit, crossing a bridge over a ravine, only for tentacles to pull Zolf and Hamid one by one into darkness as Hamid shouts for Sasha to save herself.
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  • The rest of the episode contains a much-needed content warning for body horror: Zolf awakens in a tube with a pipe in his mouth and discovers he has no legs and pipes emerging from one arm. He then sees an unconscious Sasha whose organs are suspended outside of her body.
  • Everything about Mr Ceiling: an AI made of hundreds of human brains (many of which are from children) that controls the world's economy but can't understand morality, and frequently alters people's memories to prevent them from telling the rest of the world about him, to the point that his own creator is simply a mindless husk? Yeah.


Season 3

  • The tunnels under the Rachet factory in Damascus, which are filled with horrifying traps at every turn. Particularly notable is the "coffin trap," which seals its victim in a heavy metal coffin that sinks into water and can't be opened from the inside. Even more horrifying? Sasha only just made her check to notice it.

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