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Tear Jerker / Prometheus

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  • Every single time someone tells David he doesn't matter, and there's a tiny spark of pain in his eyes, especially when the hologram of Weyland, his father figure, says it bluntly. He can be seen as going quietly crazy the whole time depending on your interpretation.
  • Charlie forcing Vickers to do a Suicide by Cop while Shaw is having a complete screaming hysteric breakdown on the sideline.
  • "I have to understand, what did we do wrong? Why do you hate us?!"
  • The Xenomorphs of all things get their moments. The very reason they kill anything that isn't them is because they were designed to be the very weapons they are. They can't actually help killing everything, it's what they are for. It's simply part of their life cycle, and they have no malice at their core.

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