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Tear Jerker / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

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It gets worse from here.
Red and Blue Rescue Team
  • Though not as bad as the following games, the first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game in the series sets the standard for all endings in the PMD Series.
    • The ending had other characters besides just the partner getting upset at the hero leaving. It's a bit jarring to see Team ACT, who had been willing to hunt you down, getting sad over your disappearance.
    • Shiftry is crying seeing you disappear. Throughout the game, after you save him from Mt. Thunder, he's been admiring your team, and saying how he owes you for saving his life. Even after the Fugitive Sequence, he was one of the first to apologize and said that he always had faith in you. Now you're gone. And he has never had the chance to even say "Thank you."
  • The scene where you have to flee town after Gengar claims you're the human from the Ninetales legend and the townspeople form a lynch mob to outright kill you and your partner may not be as sad as some of the Explorers scenes, but it still manages to be pretty touching. It's mainly because of how Caterpie, Diglett, and Jumpluff all show up to see you off and tell you that they still believe in you.
    • During the commotion in Pokemon Square, your character is basically unsure if they are the human from the legend, due to their loss of memory. When questioned about it, you can basically say nothing in your defense. Then everyone who views you as a friend starts attacking you. (Lombre even quietly says "Forgive me, Player" before lashing at you.) Then when you run away from there, your partner angrily yells at you demanding why you never said anything. You basically have no other choice but to ask if they should split the team. The brokenhearted look on the partner's face says it all.
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    • During the commotion, Gengar says something along the lines of "I bet the Human would have no objections to disappear." With an oddly somber look on his face. We later find out that HE'S the Human from legend.
  • A small one set after the ending of Red/Blue: You come back after disappearing, and your partner is so overjoyed to see you... and then a very short while later they basically tell you to stop hogging the position of leader and leaves for their friend area, never to talk to you again except for scripted events. Luckily, the DX remake changes it from that to the partner still following you in the overworld.
  • The Fridge Horror implications that all come from Gengar being the human who abandoned Gardevoir; even then, Gengar himself soon realizes after some trials of escorting him to two certain locations, how selfish he was after all this time of forgetting about the Ninetales curse incident. The tears in Gengar's eyes as he just speaks out is enough to tell the tale during the cutscenes.

Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky

Gates to Infinity

Super Mystery Dungeon

In General

  • The fact that the player wants to stay in the Pokémon world forever, or at least a long time in Pokemon Red and Blue Rescue Team and Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, forgoing their life in the human world which means they would be leaving their family and friends wondering what the heck happened to them and having no answers. Either they don't care about their loved ones' feelings or, worse, their life in the human world was awful enough that they prefer staying in the Pokémon world than return home.
    • Or they died/were dying.
      • Which wouldn't make sense as why would they fear going back, or in the case of Red and Blue Rescue Team, being forced back if they are dead in the human world?


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