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Tear Jerker / Men in Black II

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  • In between movies, K's wife left him and L went back to her old life.
    • K's wife left him, of course this was so K could be in the movie, however in-universe it's rather depressing when you think about it. Being an MIB kept him from the woman he loved and even with his memory erased he still was unable be with her because deep down he was still an MIB man at heart, no matter what life K chooses to lead there's a void he can't fill. Or, rather, his decades long absence changed the both of them, and she'd moved on emotionally.
  • The "Light of Zartha" flashback.
    K: It was night... and it was raining...
  • "It rains because you're sad, baby."
  • Poor Laura has to leave her life on earth behind, to head for a planet she's never heard of. Granted she had no family, but the poor woman has to leave everything behind in the blink of an eye.
    • Making matters worse is that it's heavily implied that K is her father and she has to say goodbye almost as soon as she learns this.
  • For his part, J spends the movie fighting the sadder realities of MIB life, and it's easy to see that he and Lara have fallen for one another by the finale. This makes her needing to leave Earth even more heartbreaking. His duty to Earth, and general status as one of the top 2 agents in the organization make very likely that, barring a possible diplomatic visit once in a blue moon, he and Lara will never get to see each other again.
    Lara: It's not fair.
    J: never is.


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