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Heartwarming / Men in Black II

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  • After J questions Laura he takes out the neuralizer and tells her that it will wipe her memory. He then accidentally lets slip how lonely MIB life is. Instead of being afraid or alarmed, Laura shows sympathy towards J. J has a moment of weakness and claims that he'll wait until after he's finished his investigation.
    • Later when K is back and the pair go to her pizzeria, Laura thanks J for sending some MIB agents to guard her.
  • Continuing from the previous film, Jay seems determined to leave neuralysed witnesses with happy memories. He sets Tee up with a waitress, (attempts to) set a Basement-Dweller life straight, and tells a family to let the daughter stay up late and eat all the candy and ice cream she wants.
  • The couple who work at the video store. Despite being a pair of conspiracy nuts living in his mother's attic, the two are obviously happy together.
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  • Towards the end, Kay thanks Jay for bringing him back to the MIB, saying "I missed this city." It's particularly heartwarming considering the movie was made in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks.
  • "You're just as beautiful as your mother."


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