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Nightmare Fuel / Men in Black II

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Whoo, you're getting big, Jeff! Boy, what you been eating?

  • The infamous Balloon Belly scene from the opening of the film. Silly? Oh yes. But now take a moment to imagine not only being Swallowed Whole, but crushed down to not even half your size in the process. Let's be thankful this happened to a would-be rapist of all people.
    • The poor guy's "Hey what the-" followed by his scream of terror didn't help.
    • And Serleena just happily tasting her fingers as she emerges from the bushes. For us it's like eating a good dinner, only she just ate a human being alive and is visibly blissful from a good meal. Her stomach's gurgling from digestion makes it even worse.
    • Speaking of digestion, don't forget that he would be in horrifying agony as he is broken down and churned up inside of her stomach, at least if he wasn't crushed to death beforehand.
    • Even though it's obscured by a bush, that doesn't make the scene any less disturbing. The way the man pathetically kicks his legs as she ravenously swallows him whole shows how helpless the guy really is against her. And from his sharp gasp followed by his tortured screams it's clear that he's in pain, and probably spent his last moments frightened and confused about what she was doing to him.
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    • Overlapping with Nausea Fuel, after she compares her bloated form to the picture of the model she's imitating and realizing the incongruity, she casually walks back behind the bushes and throws up the remains. At first, this is a "models use bulimia to stay in shape" gag being played for Black Comedy, but then you realize that she just left a mass of puke and semi-digested human corpse lying around in the undergrowth. Imagine stumbling across that mess. The nastiest part may be the casual way she takes the slimy but remarkably intact boots and jacket from amongst her own puke to use for herself.
  • Jeff the Worm, both before and after he swallows Serleena.
    • Before the climax, Serleena explodes out of Jeff in her One-Winged Angel form from the inside, liquefying him. It's like a full body version of what the Xenomorphs do.
  • When one of Serleena's Mooks has Jay captive and is torturing him for information. How does he go about doing so? He lifts Jay up above his head and bends him, allowing us to hear his spine crack as he threatens to snap it. The other characters offhand remarks about it seems to imply that the Alien is notorious for it.