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Tear Jerker / Legend Heroes

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Legend Hero is lighthearted show with Idiot Hero lead. Neverthless, it's far from being all rainbows and unicorns, just like it's older siblings Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

#2: Gun-Shin-Il-Che! Liu Bei and Guan Yu

  • He Jin is eliminated from Dream Battle and loses his dream to make his mother proud by becoming a champion martial artist.

#3: Matchless Zhang Fei

  • He Jin leaving Don Won Kwan after being eliminated from Dream Battle caused him to lose his dream.

#6 Finding A True Dream

  • Liu Bei can't bring himself to fight when he is supposed to fight Gonsung Zhan. Losing the will to fight causes his hero energy to drop to level when he can't sustain both Guan Yu and Zhang Fei.

#10: Lu Bu The Strongest

  • A workaholic cop like Wang Jun doesn't have time for his daughter, Diaochan, who is essentially an orphan because he is not around for most of the time and her mother is nowhere to be found.

#11: The Bear Family Strikes Back

  • Dong Zhuo takes Tae-O's gun in a moment when he was too busy being worried about Wang Jun. More accurately, when he was trying to convince Wang Jun that it's insane to try and stop Dong Zhuo from blowing himself into kingdom come. This leads to Wang Jun being shot dead and Tae-O succumbing to despair and becoming a Knight Templar.
    • Diao-Chan is now an orphan and doesn't even get to know the full story.

#12: The Birth Of the Red Hero

  • Liu Bei gets on the scene just in time to see an unknown Legend Hero kill Dong Zhou.
    • Liu Bei's horrified reaction when he hears said warlord speak and realizes he is Tae-O.
    • It still gets better, he tries to call out to him as so, only to be told off.

#14: The Bat's Decision

  • Tao Qian comtemplates stealing to get money for his mother's medical treatment, but then turns it down because he doesn't want to become a criminal again.
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  • Tao Qian is eliminated by Cao Cao and loses his dream of getting a life of luxury for his mother.

#16: Zhang Lu The Hypnostist Of Feather Part 2

  • Yu Ji decides to stay with Zhang Lu even when he is eliminated as Legend Hero, thus dooming the Hero Piece to death. Zhang Lu tries to pass him to Liu Bei after finaly getting to see his pure heart, but without succes.

#20: Butterfly's Dream

  • Gonsung Zhan gets eliminated from Dream Battle, losing her dream in the procces.

#21: Rainbow Event

#25 Dong Zhou's Revenge

  • Death of Xu Shu. Liu Bei cries while holding her in his arms, but she assures him it's ok, because she got to have a family and experience the beauty of the world.
  • Cao Cao beats Liu Bei senseless for trying to defeat Dong Zhuo without killing him, enforces Silly Rabbit, Idealism Is for Kids! by killing Dong Zhuo for real this time and then reminds Liu Bei he wasn't even strong enough to protect his own angel.
    • Ghost Xu Shu comforting Liu Bei would be heartwarming if not for the implication that he is only hallucinating her after the brutal beating both physical and mental he just received. While this turn out not to be true by the next episode, it's still doesn't dimish the depression of the whole scene.

#26 Recruit Zhu Liang

  • Driven by Xu Shu's death, Liu Bei goes on training for so long his hands bleed.

#28: Matchless Zhuge Liang

  • Zhuge Liang finds Liu Bei nearly passed out on the stadium after he run 101 laps, because he was told that if he could run 200 laps he could sustain all of his Hero Pieces at once. When asked why, Liu Bei answers he doesn't want to lose anyone anymore. Everyone he had left him at some point of time, so it's only logical he would rather do something insane than go trough it again.

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