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  • Zhan pokes Liu Bei with a staff to wake him up and then kicks him to make him get up from the bed.
    • She chases Liu Bei out of his room with said staff, nearly hitting him several times.
  • Liu Bei's cooking.
  • Xu Shu's first time on Earth. She jumps around and cuddles a dog without knowing it's dog and so on.
  • Liu Bei's martial arts technique "blocking with one's face".
  • Xu Shu runs alongside Liu Bei's scooter. He is naturally baffled. The she falls down a manhole and when he prepares to get her out, she flies out on her own.
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  • Physics get the better of Liu Bei. He kicks a boxing bag and it swing back, clocking him on the head.
  • He Jin one-shots Liu Bei. Just the carelesness of it.

#32: Wish Granter

  • Cao Cao gets A Day in the Limelight. The story makes fun of him through the whole episode.
    • He practises smiling in the mirror, because Diaochan wanted him to smile. His Hero Piece have to tell him how to do that properly.
      • Sima Yi walks in on the scene and gets a priceless What the hell? face. It's even accompanied by goofy sound effect.
    • Cao Cao gets beaten by stink bomb. It's such a horrible smell that it permeated the armor and stuck him and his Hero Pieces.
    • A teacher in school, who is culpirit in a case of armored thievery he is working on first thinks he is in on the thing. When he proves her wrong, she makes a conclusion he is a stalker in love with her. Flat What Ensues.


  • Liu Bei asks Sun Ce and Cao Cao to fight a chameleon Legend Hero together with him. They meet next day together with their angels, but Cao Cao arrives late, without Sima Yi and apologizes. This makes Liu Bei and Sun Ce suspicious and they procceed to tug at his face to make sure it's him. He shoves them off angrily, which convinces them to leave him alone. Sima Yi arrives and apologizes for being late. He is very confused about why is Cao Cao glaring at him even more than usual.


  • Sun Ce meets Cao Cao (in this reality still/again just Tae-O) when stopping by at Liu Bei's bread cart. They share a confused and suspecting glance.
  • Zhuge Liang finds Liu Bei in Zhang Jue's Lotus-Eater Machine and is told a dream about being great baker. He tears him a new one to make him remember, but doesn't find out he was succesful until being handed a sausage bread. In #35, he told Liu Bei that his fried rice with beef is not as good as the sausages he served earlier.
  • Initially, when handed the bread he thinks Liu Bei is still out of his mind, but then he calls him by his name.
  • When Zhuge Liang makes it out of the Lotus-Eater Machine, thus narrowly avoiding death, he watches everyone mourn him for a moment before asking if someone died. Everyone turns to him in surprise, just Liu Bei is too hurt by the events to do that and only replies that Zhuge Liang. And when he realizes who asked...


  • Zhang Jue wanders around on Earth pouting that he has nothing to do... with a lollipop stuck in his mouth.
  • He recruits a kid to be a warlord while gesturing with said lollipop.
  • The kid hits Sun Ce with a message in paper ball. Sun Ce doesn't know who he is dealing with and thus takes the challenge seriously, because he takes everything seriously.
  • Sun Ce fighting a warlord barehanded goes about as well as you would expect.
  • Cao Cao gets beaten by the kid and just watches him leave, utterly baffled at seeing a kid be Legend Hero. A while later, Sun Ce turns up and asks Cao Cao what happened. He gets an unsually embarassed negative answer. Sun Ce puts two and two together and finally finds out that they both fought the same opponent. Cao Cao's face at being forced to admit a kid kicked his ass is just comedy gold. Sun Ce is willing to admit it, but still tries to put on a heroic bravado to mask his embarassment.
  • The kid blows off Sun Ce and Cao Cao trying to make him quit the Dream Battle. They chase him, fail, he hits them on the butt and runs off.
  • Sun Ce tells this to Sima Yi and Zhou Yu, who both refuse to believe him. He attempts to make Cao Cao back him up to mixed results. Liu Bei overhears them as he is arriving at the meeting and starts laughing. Zhuge Liang cracks up and covers his face in futile efforts to hide it.
    • The obvious follow up to this is Liu Bei getting knocked on his ass by the kid, while everyone else oversees the fight.
    • Everything is underscored by goofy music.


  • Sun Ce's sister leaves to promote Don Wong Kwan and Liu Bei wonders that people seek out intelligent people like her. Zhuge Liang says that people will seek him out too. Moment later, Sun Ce and and another moment latern Cao Cao turn up, looking for Liu Bei.


  • Zhuge Liang is completely baffled (like open mouthed Flat "What") by the fact that Liu Bei could create a plan and pull it off. Not so much of an idiot anymore...
  • Zhuge Liang asks Liu Bei why he didn't tell him the plan. Liu Bei answers with a spot on impersonation of Zhuge Liang. Zhou Yu cracks up.

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