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Tear Jerker / Kiwi!

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This video has probably set a record on YouTube for being able to set up a Tear Jerker in 2 1/2 minutes, and it has definitely stood against the tests of time as one of the most memorable and moving videos of all time.
  • When the bird starts flying, the tears start flowing. The fact is, the bird's not even flying—it's falling down a cliff with an assortment of sideways trees to simulate flight.
    • When his little wings pop out, no one doesn't cry. NO ONE.
    • That horrific thud at the very end, even though you knew it was coming.
    • That little bird's only wish was to fly, and he accomplished his wish with the cost of his life.
    • Seeing the bird close his eyes and shed a Single Tear as he falls, knowing that he has fulfilled his destiny and now death is coming, will make a glass eye tear up.