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The Kiwi! is perfectly fine
  • That thud at the end? The kiwi landing into the massive, carefully placed cushion further down the mountainside. Being such an intelligent, resourceful little bird, he designed and positioned it himself, calculating the furthest possible distance he could safely manage to jump onto it. It worked perfectly, he landed without harm, and promptly climbed back up the mountain to jump to his heart's content. And he got a racecar.
  • You just made my day.
  • The kiwi is a cartoon. He hit the hard ground, but all that happened was his body folded up like an accordion, a la Wile E. Coyote. He is otherwise fine.
  • The thud at the end is the Kiwi landing in the HUGE pile of leaves/needles that would have been left at the bottom by the ridiculous number of trees being dragged up the cliff.

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