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Tear Jerker / Jennifer's Body

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  • Chip's death, and Needy's grief-stricken reaction to it.
  • Watching Needy going from a cheerful, typical teenager into a violent and angry person, thanks to all the traumatic experiences she goes through. It gets worse with a dash of Fridge Horror: at the end, Needy escapes from the psych ward of the prison and brutally murders Low Shoulder in retaliation for what they did to Jennifer, but where can she go after that? She's now an escaped convict with multiple murders on her hands, so she's likely going to be spending the rest of her life on the run or in hiding.
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  • Needy's Survivor Guilt after the fire, especially as she walks through the hallway and sees a girl, sitting on the floor, sobbing, presumably because she lost a close friend that night.
    I feel guilty just for breathing.
  • The fact that Needy unintentionally marked her friend for death by encouraging Jennifer to go out with Colin. The poor girl thought she was just setting two of her friends up on a nice, perfectly harmless date.
  • Jennifer's horrific, brutal murder. Her terrified screams don't help. It really hammers in the fact that, pre-possession, Jennifer was still a teenager — a kid. Yes, she was an Alpha Bitch, but she wasn't outright evil; certainly not enough to deserve what happened to her. No wonder Needy's in tears by the end of the story.
  • Jonah sobbing in the middle of class when the teacher is talking about how many people died in the fire, accompanied by a nerdier boy who puts an arm around him in support. It gets worse when you find out that one of the casualties was Jonah's best friend.
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  • Sure, she's planning on killing him, but there's something kind of tragic about Jennifer's exchange with Chip at the pool (before she shows... that she's about to kill him). It's almost like the real, non-possessed, teenage Jennifer is showing through for a second.
    I feel empty.
  • If you're one for ham, Needy's ripping off Jennifer's BFF necklace, which they've apparently had since they were children, being what weakens, then ultimately kills her.
  • Jennifer's mom's horror at finding her daughter being stabbed to death by Needy. The audience knows it was necessary to stop her and more of a Mercy Kill than anything, but anyone could also empathize with her-it's a parent's worst nightmare.


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