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Fridge Brilliance

  • How is Jennifer able to seduce her victims so easily, even when it's obvious that something is wrong? Maybe one of her demonic powers includes the ability to give off some type of pheromones.
    • Ahmet is a foreigner, lost, and they've both escaped a great tragedy. That helps explain why he might let himself be led by the hand by a bloodied classmate. For the other boys, she might not necessarily look her best at the moment she seduces them, but she's still a hottie and they're still high school boys. Unless the boys somehow believe that they're going to be eaten alive or somehow connect her with the recent incidents of mutilated corpses, there really isn't much of a natural deterrent to trying to hook up with Jennifer.
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  • Low Shoulder’s sacrifice shouldnt have worked because Jennifer wasnt virgin but it appears to because Satan is punishing them for their failure, even if their failure set forth the events that led to them being killed by Needy
  • Jennifer wants Needy to dress relatively conservatively. Needy attributes this to Jennifer not wanting to be shown up. But once Jennifer's intense attraction to Needy is revealed, the implicit real reason for this is she doesn't want anyone else to be attracted to her girlfriend.
Fridge Horror
  • Even if Needy would be able to take control over the demonic powers she has, she would still fall under Jennifer's Horror Hunger because she wasn't a virgin anymore. She would go through the same motions as Jennifer went through.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Unless she intends to Pay Evil unto Evil and only feed on those who really deserve it. There are a lot more people like Low Shoulder out there, after all.
      • Note she said only some of the powers. And she didn't eat any of Low Shoulder.
  • Jennifer starts to look tired and a little unkempt after not feeding for a while (and seems to become physically weaker, with a slower Healing Factor), but ultimately still looks normal - but what would happen to Jennifer if she failed to feed for a very long time? Given that her hair starts to fall out before the prom, after not feeding for about a month or so, one can imagine that it wouldn't be pleasant. Perhaps her fingernails and teeth would start to fall out, too, and her body would generally deteriorate in other ways...


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