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Heartwarming / Jennifer's Body

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  • One before all the horror starts. While watching Low Shoulder's concert, Jennifer reaches for Needy's hand, squeezes it tight, and smiles. Self-centered Alpha Bitch that she may be, she does seem to genuinely love her best friend.
  • After the fire, a jock is seen sobbing his eyes out in the middle of class after the teacher talks about how many people the school lost. A scrawnier, nerdier boy puts an arm around him, trying to comfort him. It's a surprisingly sincere, non-judgmental moment.
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  • It doesn't seem very heart-warming in the moment... you're kind of caught up in the whole 'Jennifer just appeared out of nowhere and is completely covered in blood oh now there's black bile' part, but, if the time is any indication, the first place Jennifer goes after she's attacked and "murdered" is Needy's house, not her own.
  • The day after the fire, Colin tracks Needy down specifically to tell her he's glad she made it out alright.
  • Chip gently suggesting Needy talk to the school psychiatrist. He's not trying to judge her or invalidate her emotions; he's sincerely worried about his girlfriend and wants to make sure she's okay.
  • Chip's dying moments, while heartbreaking, are still quite touching in how he manages to Face Death with Dignity, and tries to comfort Needy. And then this:
    Needy: I love you.
    Chip: I love you, too. (Tearful Smile) And you look totally hot in that dress.
    Needy: You're clearly delirious.
    Chip: No, I'm not.


  • Despite the film's poor reception, Megan Fox called Jennifer her favourite role. Diablo Cody was visibly astonished when she heard that.
  • The film getting Vindicated by History. Diablo Cody has said that it's gone from being eviscerated by critics and fans so badly that she went into therapy over it - to years later girls of varying ages come up to her to ask about the film and quote it.
  • Megan Fox admits to Squeeing whenever she sees people dressed up as Jennifer for Halloween.


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