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Tear Jerker / Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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  • Indy (under Mind Control) slapping Short Round. The boy's reaction is what really sells it. He pulls on Indy's arm, seemingly thinking everything will be okay, only to get struck to the floor. "Doctor Jones...!"
    • It's implied that, even under Kali's spell, you're aware of what's going on but you're unable to do anything about it. Indy's apology to Shorty afterwards says it all.
  • Similarly, Willie trying desperately to snap him out of it. The sheer terror she must have been feeling at this point is unimaginable.
    (tearfully) "Indy, for God's sake, help me! What's the matter with you?"
    (a few minutes later)
    "Come back to us. You're not one of them. Come back to us."
  • All those innocent children being forced to work in the mines is heartbreaking to watch. Also the haunted looks of their mothers and grandmothers in the village, who don't even know if their children are still alive.
    • One old lady latches onto Short Round and starts sobbing and wailing. Even if you don't know the language, it's easy to guess what she's talking about.
  • What happened to the poor shmuck who was sacrificed by the cult just before the good guys got caught.
    • When he sees the iron cage, he stops his helpless protesting, and from them on until his death he keeps chanting "Om namah Shivaya," which means "adoration to Shiva." He knows his fate is sealed, and all he can now do is pray to Shiva for the salvation of his soul.
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  • Indy encountering a weakened child who escaped from Pankot. The boy mentions Sankara and gives him a manuscript before passing out.
  • As annoying as Willie can be, its hard not to feel bad for her when you really think about it, as she spends most of the movie scared out of her mind (and, realistically, she should have some kind of PTSD by the end.)


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