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I don't think I'll have the dessert.
  • Willie spends much of the campfire scene fending off the curious trunk of their elephant. The last time, however, it's not the elephant - it's a python. Indy tries to warn her, but he's panicking too much to actually say anything; meanwhile, Willie - who previously freaked out at every little bit of wildlife she enountered - simply grabs the snake and flings it off into the underbrush in exasperation without ever looking at it to realize what it is.
    Willie: I hate that elephant.
  • Indy and Short Round arguing about who was the bigger cheat while Willie runs screaming from every little noise.
    • To boot, it starts off in English before switching over into Chinese and then back into English without skipping a beat. So if you aren't laughing at Willie, you're watching a kid and a grown man engage in full on Ham-to-Ham Combat with Gratuitous Foreign Language.
    • The whole thing ends with Indy's childish "Oh fine, I quit." And then a few minutes later, he pays Shorty the ten cents that was at stake in their game.
  • The whole dinner at the palace.
    • The Prime Minister, annoyed with Indy's claims, has some fun by mischievously bringing back an incident where the Sultan of Madagascar threatened Indy with some form of mutilation. He thinks it was Indy's head at risk, then his hands, until Indy admits the truth:
      Indy: No, it wasn't my hands, it was my... my misunderstanding.
    • Short Round's dropped jaw at the "snake surprise" resulting in the olive in his mouth rolling out and making a DOING! noise at it hits something.
    • The look on Willie's face when they're serving chilled monkey brains (as shown in the image above).
    • Captain Blumburtt flicks a baby snake away and it screeched.
    • One of the dinner guests belches after eating a bug.
    Willie: (whispers to Shorty) Give me your hat.
    Short Round: (takes it off) Why?
    Willie: (grabs the hat) Cause I'm gonna puke on it!
    [Shorty pulls his hat out of Willie's grasp]
    * BELCH*
    • Pay attention to Chattar Lal when they're bringing out the plate of beetles. He's making this absolutely ridiculous buck-toothed grin.
  • Most of what Short Round says elevates him from being a mere Ethnic Scrappy to a funny-as-hell little kid. "Maybe he like...older women" and "Tell me later, what happen" stand out in particular.
  • From the DVD making-of special: the description of how one of the elephants ate part of Willie's very expensive dress, to which they actually had to put on the insurance form "eaten by elephant."
    Mike Powell: ...and it said "Reason for damage". And — and what could I put? All I could put was "dress eaten by an elephant".
  • Willie was charmed by the diamond Lao Che gave to Indy, and then Indy poke Willie to give him the diamond:
    Willie: Oh, Lao— OW!
    Indy: (about to have a drink) To good health.
    [Willie made Indy spill his drink.]
    Willie: Lao, he put a hole. He put two holes in my dress from Paris!
    Lao Che: SIT! DOWN!
    (Willie sits away from Indy)
  • Indy made Willie hold his gun. It was so hot for being shot with that Willie accidentally dropped it from the car.
    Indy: Where's my gun?! WHERE'S MY GUN?!!
    Willie: I burned my fingers AND I CRACKED A NAIL!!!!
  • Indy punches a cigarette lady. Of course, the poison is starting to run through his system.
    • Not to mention the first person POV shot of a fist smashing Indy in the face.
  • Willie tries to get the diamond, but people keep kicking it.
  • "I hate the water! And I hate being wet! And I hate YOU!!!!!"
    • "Good!"
  • The villagers' dumbfounded expressions when Willie tries to ride an elephant.
    Indy: Willie, quit monkeying around on that thing.
    • On a related note, Indy telling Short Round to "quit fooling around" with the maharajah.
  • The bug tunnel sequence. ALL OF IT.
    • Indy calling Willie for help.
    Indy: (trying to hold the ceiling up) Hurry!
    Willie: (aggravated) ALRIIIGHT!! [suddenly looks at her hand] Ohhh I broke a nail.
    Willie: (turns hand over — GIANT BUG WAS HIDING IN HER PALM. Bugs at her feet. Bugs above her head.)
    Willie: (Screams Like a Little Girl)
    Willie: THEY'RE IN MY HAAIIRR!!!
    Indy: (nodges a skull in a corner of the ceiling to slow it down) Aw, shut up, Willie!
    Willie: Indy, let me in!
    Shorty: No, let us out!
    Willie: Let me in!
    Shorty: Let us out!
    Indy: (still nodging) SHUT UP!!
    • Indy and Shorty are being crushed in the spike trap. Willie has to feel inside a hole for a lever to save them. Inside it is full of bugs.
    Indy: Just feel inside!
    (Willie looks inside and sees all the bugs)
    Willie: YOU FEEL INSIDE!
    (Indy's fist comes through the wall)
    Indy: Do. It. NOW!
    Willie: OKAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!
    Indy: Willie, WE... are going... to DIE!
    • Please note the most stone-cold serious :C face you could ever imagine.
    • The most serious Puppy-Dog Eyes ever. He could give Kim Possible a run for her money.
    • The Death Glare on his face after Willie deactivates the trap and the boulder rolls away could melt steel.
  • The bedroom scene in which Indiana is hunting for the secret passage while Willie has other things on her mind...
    Indy: Nobody's here.
    Willie: No, I'm here. [Indy shakes his head] Indy, you're acting awfully strange.
    • When Indy puts his hands on a statue's breasts (to push the statue, since it's part of a secret passage), Willie gestures to her own breasts and growls, "I'm right here!"
    • Prior to that, the scene in their bedrooms after their argument about their Belligerent Sexual Tension where we cut back and forth between them, each certain that the other is going to show up.
    Indy: "Palace slave"...
    Willie: "Nocturnal activities"...
    Indy: I'm a conceited ape?
    Willie: "I'll tell you in the morning"...
    Indy: I can't believe it.
    Willie: He's not coming.
    Indy: She's not coming. (pause) I can't believe I'm not going.
    • Even before that when they argue about who's gonna come begging for whom, Willie started to sound a bit like Indy when she called him a conceited ape, in both voice and attitude.
      • And when she says, "I'm not that easy!" Indy replies, "I'm not that easy either," in a very non-convincing tone.
    • Willie tries to push another statue, even putting her hands on its breasts. But of course it won't budge.
    • And at the beginning of the scene, how does Indy convince her to let him in in the first place? He bites into an apple — Willie is famished because of the Foreign Queasine she refused to eat.
  • Lao Che's reaction after Indy drank the poisoned champagne. His face all but screams "Holy shit, I can't believe that worked!" No wonder he grabs the Villain Ball and starts gloating.
    Lao Che: And now, you give me the diamond.
    Indy: Are you actually developing a sense of humor or am I going deaf?
  • "Nice try, Lao Che." [Closes the airplane door to reveal the logo on it: LAO CHE Air Freight.]
  • "A boat?! We're not sinking! WE'RE CRASHING!" Willie proceeds to scream as she bites down on her fist.
    • "Lady, I can't breathe!"
  • Mola Ram might be the scariest villain in the entire franchise but you can tell his actor Amrish Puri was having a blast playing the role, and he comes off as both extremely sinister and a hilariously Laughably Evil Large Ham as a result.
  • Indy using his foot to brake the mine car and it smoking and Indy yelling "Water! Water!" as he and Willie try to put the fire on his foot out. Suddenly an oncoming deluge of water starts flooding down the tunnel and Indy yelling and pointing "WATER! WATER!"
  • Indy runs into two Thugs with swords. He decides to just shoot them, but realized he lost his gun (thanks to Willie). He smiles nervously at them, and they attack.
    • Indy starts chasing one with a sword, screaming furiously. He suddenly stops at a close-up of his face. He sees something, his scream falters and turns into a nervous whimper, and he runs the other way. Suddenly, a whole army of screaming Thugs charge into the shot, chasing after him.
      • This is probably an Actor Allusion to when, in A New Hope Han Solo chases after a couple stormtoopers. He then runs back down the hallway, with more stormtroopers behind him. The remastered edition also shows a room full of about 50 stormtroopers before Han turns around.
  • Indy tries to hit the taskmaster with a hammer who takes it, then he grabs it and throws it on the head of a random miner, with a hilarious 'boink!' sound and the miner just keeling straight over.
    • During the fight, Willie tries to hold Short Round back from jumping in to help Indy. Cut to the taskmaster punching Indy's gut so hard that he comically gasps for air.
    Willie: *nodding* "Okay, save him."
    • Short Round "saves" Indy by hitting the taskmaster with a whip as he's carries Indy above his head ("Drop him down! I'll kill you! Drop him down!"). The taskmaster lifts Indy higher and drops him into a cart. Laughing, he then grabs Shorty and toss him aside, with Shorty screaming "WHOOOAAA!!".
    • Pay close attention to the dummy that gets chucked into the cart. You can see "Indy" slam his arm against the side as he flops in. Ow.
  • Willie screaming after escaping the mines and crossing the rickety bridge only to run into Mola Ram and several mooks… Who had to have already been standing there.
  • Right after the pilots abandoned Indy, Willie and Shorty to their deaths:
    Willie: [sees the cockpits empty] Oh no. Oh no! Mister! Mister! Oh mister, please wake up!
    Shorty: You call him Dr. Jones, doll.
    Willie: Dr. Jones! Dr. Jones! Please wake up!
    Indy: Are we there already? Oh, good.
    Willie: No, no. [drags Indy to the cockpits] No one's flying the plane!
    Indy: Oh boy.
    Willie: They're all gone! [Indy gets on one of the cockpits] You know how to fly, don't you?
    Indy: [beat] No. Do you?
    Willie: Oh no. I'm gonna faint.
    Indy: How hard could it be?
  • Indy's exasperated "Jeez!" as, while he's in the midst of scaling the cliff after cutting the bridge, he realizes that the surviving Thugs on the other side are now shooting at him. He's having a really bad day.
    • The Marvel Comics tie-in has a great line where Indy thinks to himself, "When this is over, I'm gonna sleep for a month!"
  • Especially when seeing the film in a theater again with an audience, hearing Indy say this gets chuckles, "Oh, shit."
  • Right before the giant Thugee guard is pulled into the rock crusher, he's about to drop a giant rock right on Indy's head, only Indy hits him first with a couple of buckets, causing the guard to drop the rock on his own head. The guard then looks so dazed, all that's missing are the chirping birds.
  • After Short Round wakes Indy out of Kali Ma's black sleep, he attacks the guards while trying to save Willie, at one point charging Mola Ram with a stone-tipped spear...only to have the Thuggee leader disappear through a trap door with a maniacal laugh; Indy's face is like, "Really?"
    Mola Ram: MUUUHAHAHAHAHAHA! [sic]
    • Before Indy even thinks of coming for him, Mola Ram takes off his ridiculous headress and grins gleefully. On rewatch, his expression all but screams "Ooh! I finally get to use my secret exit!"


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