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Tear Jerker / Holes

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  • Poor Katherine and Sam.
    • Kate returns to the ruins of the Green Lake Town after twenty years of robbing and killing across the state of Texas. As she trudges through the dried up lake bed, she laments that she still misses him badly.
    "It's so hot, Sam, but I feel so cold..."
    • Right after that, Kate sees a vision of Sam and feels like he's hugging her, telling her "I can fix that", and feels warm again.
    • The film version of Kate's death. In the book, the lizard just jumps out, bites her and leaves. In the film, she picks up the lizard and puts it to her arm, prompting it to bite her. Can you really blame her?
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    • Sam's death. Both the book and film versions are tragic:
      • In the book, Katherine finds Sam with his donkey, Mary Lou, and warns him that the town wants him killed for kissing her. He is forced to leave Mary Lou behind, as Katherine says that she would only slow them down. Despite giving up Mary Lou, they get into Sam's boat and Sam starts rowing as fast as he can. Then Trout's boat comes through...
      • The film is just as heartbreaking, especially if you were watching this as a kid. The events of the book revolving around the school getting burnt down and the sheriff refusing to help are the same, but Katherine sees Sam out on the lake in his boat, Mary Lou dead on the ground. The camera keeps going from her perspective, Sam's boat, and Trout's boat with the music playing until Trout shoots. Katherine's cries of agony are heartbreaking. The worst part, Katherine was never able to get to Sam in time and Never Got to Say Goodbye.
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    • In the film version of Kate starting her killing spree by killing the crooked sheriff, we have Kate's demeanor after she shoots him. She goes in, looking deceptively pretty and sweet, but the moment she pulls the trigger, the look in her eyes can only be described as "empty".
    • When Trout threatens to make her wish she was dead if she doesn't tell him where her loot is buried, Kate simply says she's wished she was dead for years. There is nothing they can do to her, because the day Sam died, they took everything that mattered.
    • How about Kate's former student, Linda, now threatening to kill her?!
    • Even the way she delivers her Famous Last Words, "Start digging, Trout," is sad. While it's awesome to hear Katherine get the last laugh, she just sounds so broken. She can't even really enjoy her victory because without Sam, what's the point?
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  • There's also a happy one at the end when it finally rains at Camp Green Lake and everyone (except the villains) celebrates.
  • Only six months before the film's release, Scott Plank (Trout's actor) died from injuries sustained in a car accident. It's sad watching this film knowing that it was his final role.
  • It's hard not to feel even just a little sorry for the Warden when she begs to see the contents of the briefcase. She had literally built up her whole life around finding it, and the lengths she went to demonstrate how consumed she was. She looks genuinely heartbroken and defeated to find that it was all for nothing. Even sadder is that this wasn't originally her quest; her grandfather basically forced her to adopt this obsession from childhood, never giving her a chance to find her own purpose in life. And now the only purpose she did have has just evaporated into thin air.
  • When Squid catches Stanley writing to his parents, he mocks him about it. When Stanley tells him he doesn't want them to worry, Squid bitterly tells him that his parents are probably glad to be rid of him and dumps the letter in the trash. Later on, we find out that his mom is an alcoholic and his dad walked out on him.
  • When Zero finally reveals to Stanley that he was the one who stole Clyde Livingston's shoes and inadvertently got Stanley getting sent to Camp Green Lake. In the movie especially, it's shown through the way he talks that he feels a lot of shame and regret, especially since Stanley's the only friend he's ever had. What's worse is that Zero makes it clear that he didn't steal the shoes out of greed and pettiness, but because he was broke and homeless and desperately needed new shoes and didn't know of their importance.


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