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Tear Jerker / Fury: My War Gone By

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  • The entire last issue of the series is basically an examination of how little Fury's life of war has meant. Even the enemy who defeated him in Vietnam acknowledges that it was all pointless.
    Fury: I wanted the girl and the war and the victory. I chose one. And I couldn't even get that right, because I wasn't listening when I should have been.
  • A biting summary of the Cold War, between two men who fought it from different sides;
    Leitrong Giap: We defeated you. But what did we win, exactly? I believe that Heaven is just: that is why we were triumphant. But Heaven never stops watching. Our Communist utopia was never realized, because we brought the same cruelty and tyranny with which we fought the war to peacetime. (close-up on Nick Fury) I saw my comrades grow corrupt. Rule our people with oppression, fear and violence. I had degraded and dehumanized myself, sacrificed the lives of thousands, and for what? Perhaps that is why the likes of you and I are spared: so we might witness the full extent of our follies. Oh, how we abuse our warriors' faith. We send them to fight for unspeakable things. We are both bound for hell, Colonel Fury. But I hope you find a comfortable place to wait.''
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  • Seeing Frank Castle in his prime as a Marine in Vietnam has something of a tragic undertone to it. Fans of the character know what awaits him further down the line, we know everything that he'll lose and the person he will become as a result. The tragedy stems from knowing that he'll survive the war, but will be thrust into a life of unimaginable darkness all the same.
  • Also from the last issue is Fury's flashback to his conversation with Hatherly's granddaughter, and the Call-Back to the very first issue when Fury and Hatherly discussed what the American Flag represented to them. An in-universe example as well, as Fury can be seen getting misty-eyed in the final panels.
    Fury: He told me it had to do with the debt we owed to the past, and the responsibility we owed to the future. He said it was right there for all to see. Blood on the bandaged wounds of brave men...and all the stars in the sky.

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