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Too many of us had started out in Special Operations. The way we told the story, it was guys like us who beat the Krauts and the Japs by stealth alone: we were a stiletto in the heart, not a baseball bat the army kept on swinging blindly at the head. We were airborne jumping in at midnight, or frogmen swimming from torpedo tubes of submarines. We blew up bridges, gunned down generals, set light to every fuel or ammo dump we found. By the time we were done, the enemy was a headless chicken, skidding towards the battlefield on a slick of its own shit.
When, really, the war was won by the grunt in his foxhole, sitting in a foot of water for a month. The navy gunner who keeps on firing, even when the fucking kamikaze crashes down his throat. The kid who climbs into his B-17 for one more mission, pissing his pants to Berlin and back, coming home with the co-pilots intestines slopping in his lap. Again and again and again. For what seems like forever.
But we saw it differently. Our secret missions had to have done something, right? So we found the evidence we needed and ignored the rest, just to sell the notion that the special forces - the little units that could do
so much - were the future. And somewhere along the way, we got the idea there was nothing we couldn't do.
Nick Fury

The greatest American fuck up of all time. Lose sixty thousand of your own killing three million of the locals. Let the Khmer Rouge get in next door, that's another million right there. Make the guy in the G.I lid, everyone's savior from World War 2, make him into a rapist and a butcher in the eyes of the world... And still lose, well you mange all that and maybe you and me can have a conversation.
Nick Fury

If you can build rockets, you can have a job. Just like if you can kick a couple of platoons into shape, hold off a night attack when the odds are fucked and a sane man would shit himself. The French don't care about Steinhoff's past, not so long as he can fight like he does.
Nick Fury

My great fear, you see, is that my country's future lies in the hands of men from far beyond her borders. If that is true...such men should know that this is not a place the West can come and work out its frustrations. Not without incurring a dreadful price in blood. This is not French Indochina, Colonel Fury. It is not French anything. This is Vietnam.
Captain Letrong Giap to Nick Fury in 1954.

You can't ever like Frank Castle, but you can sure as hell appreciate the man. He seems to come from that time in America when things were made just to work. The Model T Ford, the nineteen eleven Colt: Don't cut corners, but don't overthink, either.
Nick Fury

This is what comes of fighting secret wars, Nick. Too much unchecked power. Eventually someone gets the idea to use it to make a buck, like those three idiots in Saigon. Then someone else says, "Hey, if you can make money from narcotics and use your war for cover-why not use that to pay for your war?" And you know what you get then? You get Barracuda.
George Hatherly

Here we are at last, Colonel. Everything we've hinted at or talked around for thirty years. Of the two motives—American interests and a love affair with the gods of destruction—which do you think would resonate more strongly with our fellow warmongers here in Washington? Which of us is worse?
Senator "Pug" McCuskey

We defeated you. But what did we win, exactly? I believe that Heaven is just: that is why were triumphant. But Heaven never stops watching. Our Communist utopia was never realized, because we brought the same cruelty and tyranny with which we fought the war to peacetime. I saw my comrades grow corrupt. Rule our people with oppression, fear and violence. I had degraded and dehumanized myself, sacrificed the lives of thousands, and for what? Perhaps that is why the likes of you and I are spared: so we might witness the full extent of our follies. Oh, how we abuse our warriors' faith. We send them to fight for unspeakable things. We are both bound for hell, Colonel Fury. But I hope you find a comfortable place to wait.
Letrong Giap

(Hatherly) looked at the flag on top of the building, asked if I believed it meant anything at all. I said I thought is should. Asked him what he thought it meant. He said I was a cynic, that we shouldn't waste each other's time. Then he said I wouldn't believe him if he told me, anyway. So I said—try me. He told me it had to do with the debt we owed to the past, and the responsibility we owed to the future. He said it was right there for all to see. Blood on the bandaged wounds of brave men, and all the stars in the sky.
Nick Fury


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