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YMMV / Fury: My War Gone By

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  • Complete Monster: Barracuda, who also shows up in The Punisher MAX, was a former Green Beret in Nicaragua with a penchant for executing members of the Sandinista government by chainsaw after trying to psychologically torture them. Perhaps his worst act is the revelation that he assisted in the atrocities of the Contras, entailing the wholesale rape, torture, and slaughter of several defenseless villages, adults and children alike butchered by 'Cuda, and, following this, to prove a point of how little the US uniform meant to him, 'Cuda kicked a decapitated child at Nick Fury.
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  • Uncanny Valley: Pug's live-in mistress never shows any emotion and is never seen to speak, presumably so the audience doesn't get attached to her when Shirley shoots her and makes Pug continue screwing the corpse before shooting him then herself.

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