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Awesome / Fury: My War Gone By

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  • Frank's mysterious second tour in 'Nam, partially featured in this story. Frank and Nick Fury are on an intelligence mission in Laos. They're captured and Frank is recognized and respected for being the sniper who has killed forty people inside of two months. After a day of torture they escape, with Frank killing two guards with his hands tied behind his back. While Fury heads off to complete his end of the mission, Frank hunkers down on a hill with a rifle and shoots at least two dozen incoming enemy soldiers. On Fury's recommendation he made Captain.

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  • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown delivered to Barracuda courtesy of Nick Fury. To better elaborate, five years after the atrocities in Nicaragua, Fury retaliates on Barracuda by breaking most of his bones in a darkened room by beating him with a baseball bat while wearing Night-Vision Goggles.
    Nick Fury: Sometimes, the uniform fucks back.


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