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Tear Jerker / Guardians of the Galaxy

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  • From the original Guardians, Stakar and Aleta's children being killed right in front of them. Adult Fear at its finest.
    • Later on, during an argument between them, Stakar breaks his usual stoic façade and starts breaking down when Aleta accuses him of not caring about their kids.
  • The flashback to Phyla's childhood showing that her mother wasn't exactly supportive or encouraging, and the implication that everything Phyla's done in life is an attempt to live up to her father's legacy, and that she feels inadequate compared to her brother Genis, i.e. the guy who went nuts and tried to destroy the universe. That's harsh.
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  • The situation with Adam. After spending all that time trying to get back and save him, it turns out there's nothing left to save. He's been the Magus for months. And then it turns out his moment of Dying as Yourself was just the Magus messing with everyone's head to be a dick.
  • Phyla's for-real death. Just when Moondragon thought she'd gotten her back, she loses her again.
  • The team's situation after The Thanos Imperative. Phyla's gone, Adam's gone, Drax is gone, and Peter's stuck in a collapsing dead universe, meaning for all intents and purposes he's dead, and the rest of the team just split up and go their separate ways. Bittersweet Ending at its worst.
  • From the second issue of the 2020 series, Star-Lord's Dying Moment of Awesome where he forces the rest of the team onto his ship, remotely commands the ship to take off and escape before they could try to stop him as he draws the Olympian gods' attention to him as he prepares to manually detonate the black hole bombs planted on New Olympus. The rest of the team's reactions to his sacrifice hammer it in, especially Rocket's.


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