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Tear Jerker / Father Ted

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  • The last episode of season one shows the apparent death of Father Jack. He leaves Ted and Dougal £500,000 in will, with the condition that they must stay with him until he's buried. Ted and Dougal basically just treat this as an obstacle to get past so they can claim the money. However, right at the end of the episode, Ted clearly begins to feel sad over the loss of Jack and sombrely delivers a famous passage from James Joyce's novel The Dead while an organ version of the main theme plays:
    Father Ted: It's beginning to snow again. The flakes, silver and dark, are falling obliquely against the lamplight. It's probably falling all over the island; on the central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the graveyards, upon the crosses and headstones, upon all the living and the dead...
    Father Jack: SHUT THE FECK UP!
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  • Father Austin Purcell in the season two episode "Think Fast, Father Ted". He's described in universe as "the most boring priest in Ireland" but there's something genuinely pathetic in his need to talk continually to everyone (and everything) he meets. In the credits sequence it's revealed that he will continue talking even if left alone in a room:
    Father Purcell: This is a piece of advice my father gave to me. Now, this not only refers to lagging, but all forms of insulation. He said, "Don't ever..." No, no, it was, "Always! Always re-..." No! It was, "Never..." Oh, I've forgotten. Never mind. [Beat] What's your favourite humming noise? Would it be "hmmmm" or would it be "hmmm-MMMMM"? The first one there, that's the sound of a fridge. The second one, that's the sound of a man humming. [Beat] You never hear a woman humming. I knew a woman once, but she died soon afterwards.
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  • The death of Dermot Morgan (Ted), and exactly 18 years after, the death of Frank Kelly (Jack).

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