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  • The Stinger at the end of "Entertaining Father Stone" has the titular character, who never reacted to anything in the entire episode to that point, smile ever so slightly just for being in Father Ted's company. The drawing he made can be seen in the living room later in the show.
  • As brutal and nasty he can be, Bishop Brennan sprints to check if Ted is injured and asks if he should call an ambulance, despite just saying that he has nothing but contempt for Ted. He also balks when Dougal shows no concern for the nuns he endangered at one point.
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  • At the end of "Night of the Nearly Dead", Ted makes Eoin thank Mrs. Doyle for the cake and jumper she gave him. This is perhaps the only decent thing any of the protagonists do for Mrs. Doyle in the entire series.
  • "Flight of Terror":
    • When it seems that the priests are doomed to death, Ted tells Dougal that, despite all his frustration at Dougal, he likes him and considers them "the best of friends". Of course, Dougal hasn't got a clue what (or whom) Ted is talking about, but it's the thought that counts.
    • On learning that there are only two parachutes on the plane, the passengers all have to write and present a speech explaining why they should have one. Father Cave takes the opportunity to confess his Anguished Declaration of Love to Father Gallagher and begs that the parachute be passed to Gallagher.
    • When Father Fay reads out his speech, all he can say are his usual grunts and moans. However once he's done, he gets the biggest round of applause yet; it's implied in series that everyone can understand him despite his condition, and he is well-liked by everyone.
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  • In “The Mainland”, one of the Alcoholics Anonymous attendees sees Jack getting a drink and runs in to stop him (he gets sent to the hospital in an ambulance, unfortunately).
  • Father Jack, of all people, leaves his entire fortune to Ted and Dougal, the people whom he yells at and abuses constantly. Unfortunately he recovers from being "dead" before they can claim it; but ultimately he has made sure they will benefit from a huge inheritance some day.
  • The finale, "Coming To America" was initially going to end with Ted, with things now back to normal and stuck with the old gang in Craggy Island again, contemplating suicide. After Dermot Morgan's death, the ending was retooled into a montage of past antics throughout the series, with it closing outside the house with Ted and Dougal pleasantly saying their goodnights, instead giving the show a more heartwarming ending as life goes on as usual.
    Ted: Night, Dougal.
    Dougal: Night, Ted.

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