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Tear Jerker / Fauda

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There've been a few tragic scenes in the series, but those are especially notable:

  • Amal's reaction when her husband of a few minutes or so, Bashir, gets killed during the bungled abduction/assassination of the actually not dead Abu Ahmad.
  • Boaz's personal nervous breakdown after the bombing at the bar. He immediately gets drunk and fights a cop, can barely bring himself to explain to Doron, and flips his shit when he's left out of one mission due to his radiating trauma. He ends up goading Boaz into a sparring match because he's so angry with no outlet. Even more tragically, when he finally argues his way back into the team, he's clearly not ready and pays a terrible price.
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  • Gali's reaction when her little brother Boaz gets abducted by Abu Ahmad and then blown up by a bomb implanted in him during a prisoner exchange with a rogue Doron.
  • Poor Shirin. Her entire character arc and her final fate count in full.

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