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Tear Jerker / Deemo

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Despite its beautiful art and its equally beautiful music, Deemo is such a piece of art that it can make you cry by the bucketfuls at times.

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  • Deemo's origins can be a massive tearjerker. He is the mental image of Hans, the older brother of Alice, the little girl who is also in the game. Hans was originally a talented pianist who won lots of awards and gave Alice a stuffed cat. One day while they were walking down a street, they encountered a speeding bus. Hans pushed Alice out of the way, dying in the process, while Alice landed in a coma. What little remained of Alice's memories of Hans turned into Deemo.
    • The Masked Woman Celia as well. She's actually a manifestation of the real Alice who wants to die so she can be with her older brother Hans, who died in a bus accident in real life. When the main character (Alice) falls into Deemo's world, Celia tries to make her stay so she won't wake up from her coma, knowing that if Alice does wake up, Hans (and by extension, Deemo) will be gone forever and there is nothing she could do about it.
  • The song "Nine point eight" by Mili. On the surface it sounds like a typical love song. It's actually about a woman who, out of grief for losing her beloved, commits suicide by jumping from a high place so she can join her dead lover in Heaven.
    • Knowing Alice's backstory, the song also seems to imply that at one point she was considering committing suicide by not waking up from her coma, so she can reunite with her brother Hans.
  • The song "YUBIKIRI-GENMAN", also by Mili, seems to be about broken childhood promises. Judging from the song art for it, it implies that Hans and Alice made a promise to stay together forever as children, but the promise was broken by Han's death in a bus accident.
  • "Magnolia" and its companion song "Myosotis". Both songs are told from the perspectives of Alice and her counterpart Celia - Magnolia is Alice accepting the fact that her brother Hans died and moving on no matter how much it hurt her emotionally, while Celia wants to keep Hans alive by clinging onto old memories and wishful fantasies even though it'll hurt her in the long run. Even more tearjerking is the fact that the title "Myosotis" is the scientific name of the Forget-Me-Not flowers.
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  • The ending to Deemo in general. So, you're finished with the game, and you play Fluquor as a nice, beautiful send-off. And then at the very end of the song, the words: "Goodbye, my beloved sister, Alice" appear. It all goes downhill from there. It turns out that Deemo is actually Hans, Alice's older brother, who died protecting her in a traffic accident. The masked lady, Celia, was actually the real Alice, who wanted to stay with her brother by staying asleep, effectively killing herself. The scene is self-explanatory, as Alice even cries during the scene, likely along with the player.
  • The song "I hate to tell you". It's about a person who is reluctant to tell someone that something horrible happened (ex. the death of a loved one) so they wouldn't become depressed and lose faith in everything, hence the title.
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  • As of the 2.4 iOS update, the song "Post-Script", which is part of the "Shattered Memories" Collection which is unlocked after beating the game.The song is told from the perspective of Hans, asking if Alice still remembers him, and saying that he wants to see her again, if only just for a moment.
  • Marigold, despite being a serious case of Awesome Music, can make someone shed a tear. The song tells the grief that Alice experiences as she lives on while her brother dies.
  • Sandglass from the M2U X Nicode Vol.2 collection is implied to be from Hans' perspective, asking for Alice to keep living.