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As a rhythm game, Deemo had songs worth listening and get people hooked on. To note a few...

  • Any song by Vanros Kloud can skyrocket to a fan favorite. See Wings of Piano, Mirror Night and Evolution Era for just a few shining examples.
  • The rearranged songs from Cytus are not to be underestimated either. Saika and Entrance's are taken Up to Eleven from their previous versions. Space Colony (originally Cosmo) got a full makeover thanks to Mili.
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  • Magnolia, Myosotis and Marigold by M2U are all boss songs of sorts, and are also among the most emotional songs.
  • Fluquor is one of the most heart-wrenching tracks in the game... all the more fitting seeing as it's the last song played before the Tear Jerker ending.
  • Cerebrite has gotten stuck in quite a few players' heads.
  • For some, the combination of piano, cello, and momocashew's gentle voice makes YUBIKIRI-GENMAN both awesome and soothing to listen to, even though it's a bit of a Tear Jerker.
  • For a song considered as That One Level, Run Lads Run is very catchy.
  • Nightfall is a beautiful piece. The combination of the piano and violin makes this song very astounding to the ears.
  • Rhuzerv is a wonderfully emotional and catchy combination of piano and dubstep.
  • Feryquitous' Lifill is simply beautiful, compounded with Sennzai's vocals that goes well with the emotion and mood. The mixture of Japanese and Conlang lyrics also adds to the charm.

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