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Tear Jerker / Crucible (Mass Effect)

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  • The whole Alt.Future is a bottomless pit of darkness and sorrow:
    • Shepard, Adrien, Miranda were all killed (and Miranda's death was absolutely horrifying). Alt.Garrus is now an old, lonely, tormented man who spent his remaining years regretting over the past for one stupid mistake of blowing off steam with the wrong person while yearning for his true love that had died long ago and their only son who despised him.
    • The Hybrids are hunted, enslaved for their abilities while everyone except their families hates them just simply because they're exist and normal people who try to support them will be faced with discrimination and oppression so they must stay silence and witness all the horror.
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    • The quarians are now on near extinction because of the crime of a few and they certainly had no hope of escape it.
    • A fraction of the krogan tried to rise a 2nd rebellion despite Wrex and Bakara's effort.
    • Alt.Gaius past is fill with tragedies even before his mom's death.
      • In Interference, a 6-year-old Gaius would often asked his mother why people (and his father in particular) hated him and what did he do wrong so he could apologize. No child should ever have to ask something like that!
      • In similar vein, Gaius's previous fight with alt.Garrus where he compare their relationship to what Tib and Victus had with each other.
      • Alt.Garrus was forced by Appius to make Gaius fight a teenager Krogan or the turian would kill the boy and even Garrus.
      • Gaius' incident with Perdita... it hits too close to home for many people...
      • Alt.Amata was attacked by the Quarians, her son was killed right in front of her. They cut her open (while she remained concious and probably without painkiller) to pull out her daughter. Then they killed her as she hold the body of little Gaius. Her husband later found their baby daughter's butchered body in a preserving jar in a quarians' lab, surrounding by children's bodies in similar states.
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  • The Adult Fear list on the main page.
  • In the present day, Garrus constantly tries to reach out to Alt.Gaius with no success and keeps blaming himself for the sin that isn't his. Until he finally succeed and makes peace with Gaius only to know that he can't keep him.
  • Miranda's reaction from Adrien's betrayal. She's been treated like that by those she trusted too many times to even get mad. She just simply accepts her fate, no fighting, no shouting, nothing.
  • Koria's story, the reason why Makerm was sealed away.
  • Emi's second death, and her mother's reaction to the truth about her child.
  • The real story of why Sarah, Jane's mother used drugs, abused her and then gave her away. And Sam had to witness everything.
    • Shepard's background makes her constantly questioning herself about her worth, her right to be happy and her ability as a mother. It actually causes her to unconsciously avoiding living together with her new family and focus most of her energy on her job as being loved and cared by others was just too much for her to handle. This creates a big crack between her and Garrus to the point he actually considers divorcing her. Fortunately, Ouhil and Ceima managed to intervene just in time.

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