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Heartwarming / Crucible (Mass Effect)

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  • During their first meeting, after Shepard fall asleep, Alt.Gaius gentle enjoys his mother's scent and tucks her in as it's been years for him from his last moment with her.
  • Every scenes about Alt.Gaius's family before tragedies fall on them. Then it's just pure Tear Jerker mixed with Nightmare Fuel.
  • In similar veins, every moments shared by Garrus, Jane and their son in the present. You can say that everything about little Gaius is this trope, here are just a few examples:
    • Jane's realization that she's going to a mother.
    • Garrus feels his son moving in Jane's stomach for the first time.
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    • Garrus discover that little Gaius, even as a fetus, knows his father's voice and reacts to it.
    • Gaius's birth. In the Alt.Future, Garrus never had the chance the hold the baby until he was a couple months old. Here, he is the first one to touch Gaius and the baby reacts to his call immediately with no second testing like with his mother.
    • Gaius instantly bonds with his grandfather and not letting go of his finger even while nursing.
    • Avitus and Garrus shared a tender moment about how to tend for Gaius and Garrus admits that he still needs his father.
  • Miranda's bond with Alt.Tiberius. In a sharp contrast to Garrus/Gaius's relationship, Tiberius dotes on his mother and she responds just in kind as this is exactly what they've been wanting for a long time.
  • Miranda and Victus's first time seeing the video scan of their baby.
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  • Alt.Nim's meeting with his parents.
  • Jane's father told a newborn Jane that she didn't have to worry about anything because she had him fighting in her corner and he was not someone to be messed with. He'd always been keeping his promise.
  • Jane remembered her childhood where she was the center of the universe in her father's eyes, the final moments of her death and how her father came to protect her from her fear and pain.
  • At the end, Jane reunited with her mother and has fully come to realized how much love she actually had from her parents. She also got in contact with her maternal extended family.
  • Even The Catalyst had got himself a little family!

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