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YMMV / Crucible (Mass Effect)

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  • Ass Pull: Some readers think the plot where Jane's being a Spectre is causing huge problems for her marriage with Garrus and her relationship with Gaius just came out of nowhere, without any foreshadowing and just added unnecessary drama to the story. Granted, it's actually logical for things to turn out like that once you remember what to be expected when working as Spectres but the way the events appeared was still quite jarring to see.
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  • Jerkass Woobie: Again, Alt!Gaius. Though in his case, he pointed his rage at only one single race and not the whole world and did actually succeed annihilating them all.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Hierarchy (and Marius to be specific) in the alt.timeline almost crossed this when they prepare a bill that allow the killing and taking hybrid children away from their parents whenever their number was growing to numerous. For some readers, the very fact that such a bill was considered in the first place is already enough to be qualified for this trope.
    • General Marius crossed it a long time ago when his abuses drove his wife to suicde, he then used his own daughter to replace her, and he also raped her cousins too.
    • Alt.Perdita molested and disfigured a 6-year-old Gaius during one of her intoxicated fits.
    • The quarians' attacking and killing hybrid parents to steal their children (and in many case, living foetuses that were freshly cut-out from their mothers) to perform horrific experiments on them, then to not even let those children to have peace in their death, they preserved the bodies for further testing; all because of a misguided belief that the hybrids are "gifts" from the geth to be their new slaves.
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  • What an Idiot!: Alt!Garrus and Alt!Atilius in regard with the whole mess about Perdita.
  • The Woobie: Almost all of the cast. Alt!Gaius has to be the biggest example for this.
    • The parents of the hybrids also counted; all they wanted were to be left alone and built their own family but they were harassed by their own kind for loving someone from outside their race, their children were attacked or killed on daily basic by mobs and the government either ignored those incidents or had no qualm taking the kids away by force to turn them into slaves, and given what happened with the quarian labs, many parents were also killed for trying to defend their family.
  • Woobie Species: The Hybrids, they are usually hated by their parents' species, both sides either torment them or use them as weapon or lab rats. Meanwhile, the quarians actively hunts them even when they're still in the womb and perform horrible experiments on those babies to enslave them as replacements of the Geth.

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