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Tear Jerker / Civil War II

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  • The death of War Machine and coma of She-Hulk and the reactions of Tony and Carol. Double whammy when you realize both characters involved had been intimately involved with those killed/hurt.
    • Bruce Banner is also killed very brutally in front of everyone, just made worse when it's revealed Hawkeye was the killer. Even worse? She-Hulk is alive. And she is NOT HAPPY. Worse than that? It was used as a False Flag Operation by HYDRA to hide Cap being HYDRA. Let that sink in: because he had his history changed by a Cosmic Cube, Captain America arranged for Bruce Banner's death by exploiting Ulysses' power.
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    • Hawkeye killing Bruce Banner is huge when you realize that he's had years of saying to multiple people that he doesn't kill and that he's not a murderer since the 60's. Then for Bruce to turn around and ask Hawkeye to kill him if he ever Hulks out again because he trusts him to do it. Clint doesn't do it because he wanted to, he did it because Bruce asked him to.
  • Tony pretty much has a breakdown and kidnaps the pre-cog to force him to have visions.
  • In Nova's first tie-in issue we're shown the hero trying to buddy up with many of the heroes and is just outright getting ignored by everyone.
  • Iron Fist breaking down over She-Hulk's coma, as well as Luke Cage's immense guilt over how his last interaction with Rhodey before his death was, in his own words, a "petty argument".
  • The Warbound attending Banner's funeral and finding and comforting a not quite depowered Skaar when he learns of his father's demise and weeps.
  • Kamala finding out that Bruno is comatose and may never be the same again if he wakes after he attempts to bust out someone from the detention center.
    • Ms. Marvel #11 goes overboard with this: Kamala is ultimately forced to show Carol how flawed her path is, only for Carol to outright ignore it and Bruno wakes up but wants absolutely nothing to do with Kamala anymore. The issue ends with Kamala tossing away the pendant Carol gave her during Secret Wars (2015).
  • Jen Walters finally wakes from her coma and Carol has to tell her that Hawkeye gets to walk free for killing her cousin. The pain and fury in She-Hulk's face...
  • In Spider-Man #8, we have Steve trying to comfort Tony and Sam and Miles trying to comfort Kamala after the death of Bruce Banner, both heroes in the middle of a Heroic BSoD.
  • Civil War II #5, the Let's You and Him Fight comes to a complete stop when everyone sees the vision of Miles Morales holding a dead Steve Rogers over the ruins of the US Capital. Everyone is really freaked over this, and Kamala breaks down in tears as she watches her friend get arrested by the woman she idolizes.
    • Adding to it: The heroes react the way they do because none of them are aware Steve Rogers is actually a HYDRA agent who has been manipulating the conflict. Miles likely had every reason to kill him (hell, it was likely Steve who was responsible for the carnage in Washington glimpsed in the vision), but because of the lack of context, everyone assumes Miles is the true villain.
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    • The preview of Civil War II #6, has Steve trying to reassure Miles that everything is fine, despite the vision showed the latter killing the former. So why is this saddening? Because Steve is responsible for everything to this point and even this moment that should be inspirational is tainted by the knowledge that he plans on manipulating him.
  • In Spider-Woman #11, Jess beats up Carol over Bruce Banner's death and dissolves their friendship.
  • In All-New, All-Different Avengers #14, Nadia Pym decides to fix the Civil War by creating a device that can focus Ulysses' visions. The device goes critical and blows up on her and she's only saved by Janet Van Dyne being with her. Outside the ruins of her lab, Nadia despairs that the heroes shouldn't be at each other's throats with Janet comforting the girl and trying to get her to understand that things'll fix itself in time.
  • Spider-Man (Miles Morales) REALLY gets put through the ringer. Along with Nova and Ms. Marvel, his faith in the senior heroes is shaken by the conflict, especially when Bruce Banner dies. Then, when the Triskelion battle is halted by Ulysses' next vision, Miles and the rest of the heroes experience him killing Captain America. Then he is nearly arrested by Captain Marvel before Thor takes him away, leaving him on the roof to process (read: collapse into a sobbing heap of emotion.) THEN? He disappears for a day, leaving family, friends, fans and even foes desperate to find him... before turning up at the very site of his unrealized crime, the Lincoln Memorial. What ensues is utter CHAOS. He is nearly gunned down by an entire squad of police, Captain America tensely goes to talk things out, Carol tries to take him in again, and Iron Man shows up to defend him, sporting a new Hulkbuster in War Machine colors, starting a climactic battle that ends with Miles cradling Stark's comatose body. He shows back up in his dorm and relays all of this to Ganke, Ms. Marvel and Goldballs before breaking down again. If Miles was an Iron Woobie before, he might be an ADAMANTIUM Woobie at this point.

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