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Not one, but two characters will die at the beginning.
If leaked spoilers are to be believed, She-Hulk and War Machine will be killed in the inciting event. Their inclusion on the covers of issues #0 and #1 seem to hint toward this.
  • Jossed for War Machine since he has a story in one the Choosing Sides tie in books.
    • No, it's confirmed: Rhodey's death is what sets the event off.
    • She-Hulk lives!
    • The second character dying is Bruce Banner.

Tony's side will win.
He does seem to have the most obviously correct stance, or at the very least seems to be portrayed as the hero this time around.
  • the same way Captain America was portrayed as the hero in the original Civil War... by dying.
    • Jossed. Tony ends the event in a coma.

Carol's side will win.
Because Tony winning a second time would be boring. This would also allow for pre-crime scenarios to be implemented in future issues after the event concludes, and for the implications to be examined.
  • The only way Carol can possibly win is if the precog guy dies in the process. Because if he continues to exist then there's literally no way to tell stories anymore.
  • Maybe not. The blurb for the series says the precog's calculations are only highly accurate, not perfect, leaving some leeway for mistakes (and the conflicts those mistakes would create).
  • Confirmed, although it's a hollow victory for the most part.

At one point, the precog character will flat-out state which side will win, with no ambiguity.
  • But because the precog's calculations aren't perfect, the other side will win.
    • Jossed. Ulysses never makes such a prediction.

The precog will commit suicide late in the story, rendering the whole conflict moot.
And leaving shattered friendships and possibly a number of corpses in the wake.
  • Jossed.

The precog will fight against both Tony and Carol, wanting to be neither used nor neutralized.
If this is true than perhaps a third side will emerge that sides with the precog.
  • Jossed in both cases.

Tony and Carol will face off one-on-one...
  • ...but whoever actually wins that specific fight will lose the war.
    • Partially jossed. They fight individually at the end, but Carol wins the war by defeating him, at least as much as the conflict can be said to be "won".

Alternatively, Tony and Carol will never actually directly fight each other.
  • Just to be different and to do something a bit unexpected.
    • Jossed since the preview for issue #5 shows the two of them involved in some sort of Punch Parry. Also, the solicit text for Captain Marvel #10 indicates they will square off.

One of the battles in Civil War II will be Ms. Marvel vs Captain Marvel.
  • Jossed as far as a physical fight goes.

She-Hulk will be to this story what Goliath was to the first Civil War.
In the original Civil War, Goliath's death acted as a bit of wake up call turning point for the middle of the story. Now with Civil War II there is a teaser for Issue 3 asking "Who Will Fall?" indicating a major character will die. One of tie in book cover could be possibly hinting at who it is...
  • Partially jossed since she was only in a coma and didn't die.
The entire event will be one big vision Ulysses' is having.
How else could Marvel justify killing She-Hulk, War Machine, and the Incredible Hulk?
  • This is the Marvel Universe. Death is a temporary inconvenience.
    • That's how I meant it. Even if death is temporary, and especially if it is, making it one big vision would give them an easy out for undoing the deaths of 3 popular characters, without making a convoluted resurrection story. Though it seems the original WMG has been Jossed.
    • Partially jossed. She-Hulk wasn't dead, she just smelled mean...was in a coma.

Ulysses' visions are actually Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.
  • Ulysses supposedly sees the future, but there's an awful lot more really close calls that seem to be happening since he got his powers. Why would the heroes "need" his powers to predict events like a Celestial attack when they've fought back against those sort of odds before without him? Unless, that is, his powers cause these things to happen, whether by imagining them to happen or setting them in motion...

Mary Jane will be the second big death.
  • This will set up Peter's involvement in the conflict. However, the fans will not take it well.
    • Jossed.

A Mutant will die.
'Cause why wouldn't they do that?
  • There is a good chance most mutants will die, leaving aside Deadpool there are no mutant series announced after this event, maybe after the long conflict with Fox, Marvel has had enough and will finally pull the plug on the X-men, and have them be substituted by the Inhumans.
    • Well, except for almost all mutant books already announced to be continuing uninterrupted after this event... and a whole X-Men vs. Inhumans event coming up next that will make people repeat the this same conspiracy theory for the umpteenth time. (It surfaces in conjunction of every bigger Crisis Crossover ever since the early 2000's, draw your own conclusion.)

While the heroes are busy fighting each other (again), Loki will be elected to president of the United States.
Okay, not likely as Marvel never had a fictional president, but would make a nice "Congratulations heroes! You all lost!" scenario.

If Carol and Tony end up fighting mano-a-mano, their fight will involve Combat Breakdown.
  • Sure, they might start off with the full use of their powers or tech, but as the fight drags on they'll get exhausted/drained of power and eventually be forced to take things to the ground to settle things with their fists. Tensions will be running high with both of them, and they'll beat each other senseless until one of them can't get up. The fact that some of the variant covers for the main story are done in the style of vintage boxing posters may hint at this.
  • Jossed. Their final fight involves them both fighting at full capacity the whole time.

Bruce Banner will be resurrected in time for the release of Thor: Ragnarok
. After all, Superior Spider-Man ended when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released.
  • Partially confirmed thanks to The Hand.

The defendant from the third issue will be declared guilty
  • What he did is plain and simple murder. There's no way around that.
    • Jossed. He was acquitted.
    • Based on the preview for Totally Awesome Hulk #9, this is jossed.

Mockingbird will try to help Clint run away
  • Based on a moment from the Dark Reign What if concerning if Clint did kill Norman Osborn, when it looks like Clint is going to go down for murder, Bobbi approaches him, angry about what he did, then calmly hands him a fake passport and ID, money, and plane tickets, as well as anything else one would need to escape, since regardless of whatever stupid stuff he does she'll stand by him.
    • Jossed. Clint doesn't need to flee, he was acquitted.

Clint Barton will retire out of guilt, leaving Kate Bishop as the only Hawkeye.
  • Clint's fundamentally a good man. He's bound to start questioning himself after being released, wondering if he actually did see what he saw. That's bound to make even the strongest of men doubt themselves...
    • Partially confirmed. He's not retiring, but in an interview, it was mentioned that in Occupy Avengers, Clint will feel he doesn't deserve to call himself a superhero... as such, he'll be known only as Clint Barton, which does mean Kate is the only Hawkeye.

The Guardians will turn on Captain Marvel the moment they find out Thanos is on Earth.
  • It's been shown Star-Lord will side with Iron Man. Gamora and Drax have the most experience with Thanos, and will know that imprisoning Thanos NEVER works, that ending him is the only way to stop him. Which leads to my second WMG...
    • Confirmed.

Thanos is gonna come back at the end and kick everybody's asses.
  • He's already been shown talking telepathically with the Anti-Man, who's also locked up. Since containing Thanos is like trying to hold water in a fishing net, it's likely that the two of them are going to escape, either during the event or as a result of the event.
    • He was released at the end of Ultimates #10, but that seems to take place before #4 of the main series. He's defeated in #11.
    • Jossed.

Carol and/or Tony will turn out to be a Skrull.
  • Because why not?
    • Carol is Queen Veranke! You thought you were reading a sequel to Civil War but you're actually reading a sequel to Secret Invasion!

Mystique is impersonating Captain Marvel
  • Nothing like painting your Arch-Enemy as a fascist and getting put in charge of a large military complex.

Carol will realize how far she's gone when Ulysses has a vision about her
  • Since it's obvious by now the visions are the only thing she trusts...
    • Jossed. Ulysses doesn't have a vision specifically about her.

Something is going to happen to make Ulysses kill himself out of guilt.
  • I really don't see the kid lasting the duration of the crossover. Especially with so many of his visions going wrong lately.
    • Jossed. Ulysses doesn't die.

The writers, like the MCU films, are having the Inhumans forced on them and are in revolt about it
  • Think about it: The Magneto tie-in has Magneto ask Rachael Tell me... in the world you came from... your future... do you recall an Inhuman lifting a finger to help our people?, which causes her to side with him, while Bendis writes the Inhumans starting with a question of why Beast is with them (calling it weird), and they are generally not shown all that well, especially in the tie ins on Iron Man's end. Combined with Lemire's Death of Xand it makes you wonder...

This entire story is a Stealth Parody towards bad fanfiction.
Cliched, copy-pasted plot with only a few differences from the original? Check. Fanboy character who ends up getting superpowers and the attention of all the superheroes before pretty much becoming a god? Check. A love interest killed off, possibly so that the author can pair their former significant other off with someone else? Check.

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