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Tear Jerker / Bitter Tears: An Anon-A-Miss Fic

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages.

  • The beginning of Chapter 7:
    Apple Bloom ignored the large amounts of profanity and hateful notes scribbled on her locker in permanent marker as she dialed the combination. She had long since stopped reading it or trying to wash it off.
  • The CMC are treated even worse than Sunset ever was due to their involvement. And they know they totally deserve it.
  • The CMC being shunned by everybody is bad enough, but a select few begin to hurt them and set up "accidents" in revenge. The worst part is that the three of them don't tell Nurse Redheart or their sisters about what's going on because they honestly feel like they deserve it.
    • Actually, Nurse Redheart is well-aware about what's going on, and she doesn't think the three of them deserve this despite Anon-A-Miss. However, because of school policy, there's nothing she can do to help the CMC besides patch them up unless specifically tell her. Once they do, she wastes no time reporting everything to Principal Celestia, saying that she would have gone to her sooner if she was able to.
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  • Scootaloo pretty much destroyed her relationship with Rainbow Dash due to her involvement in the Anon-a-Miss incident. In Chapter 7, after Scootaloo and her friends confess to being Anon-a-Miss, Rainbow Dash is so enraged that she hits her in the face.
  • On a non-CMC topic, there's Sunset's breakdown in chapter 9, where the accumulated stresses and pain she's been holding in since the incident's resolution finally come spilling out, leaving the girl a bloodied, broken mess.

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