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Tear Jerker / Avengers Reassembled

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  • The bad state of things the Avengers are in qualifies. Everybody is angry and upset over so many Avengers being captured and their homes being destroyed. One Tony Stark alt is particularly upset about how so many people think that the Avengers' bases were far too luxurious, all because he and other alts of him only wanted the best for them.
    Tony: Too much luxury! That's the line we've been getting this entire time! It was somehow a sin for me and everybody else to want for our friends and teammates to have the absolute best! That the Avengers didn't somehow deserve the best when they came back home from putting their lives and sanity on the line, over and over again! That they were somehow soft and weak because they got stressed or tired or fed up or even burnt out over being roasted by alts of Jameson and his ilk or being pelted with produce because they somehow didn't do enough on top of everything else they had put up with while saving the entire world! And that the mes and everybody else wanted every Avenger to know that, yes, what they did was appreciated! That they were our friends and compatriots and we wanted the best for them! That we didn't want them burning out or running themselves into the ground! And that we were wrong to do that when they should've been hard and strong and just toughed everything out all by themselves!
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  • The Champions and Stingray Industries are also struggling to recover. Over half of the Stingray Security Services people were wiped out as a result of CHIMERA, and roughly half of the Champions branches are shut down because they don't have enough people to run them. It really drives home just how many people died during Coreline Operation Endgame.
  • Ax's backstory is a barrage of these. A massive divergence from canon, in believing that the Animorphs' guerrilla actions will ultimately be useless, he gives the General Ripper Andalites what they want when they arrive. This ends up putting Earth in serious risk of being annihilated as collateral damage to kill all of the Yeerk on it. The Merlin of his universe does not take this well, and gives Ax the powers to single-handedly fight against the entire Yeerk fleet. But Merlin also makes it very clear that this is Ax's punishment for his sin by leaving him unable to return to his own Andalite form. And after Ax performs defeats the Yeerk invasion force? He is rendered an exile because the Body Horror result of Merlin's curse has turned Ax into one of their "undesirables" and they are not willing to accept such a victory if that means having to cause (even a very minor) change on their society. And as if all of that wasn't bad enough, Ax then has to fight the the Andalites, because of a corrupt portion of their government has decided to start another war, this time with Earth!

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