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YMMV / Avengers Reassembled

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  • Anvilicious: Mari's rant about how bad things like organized crime qualifies.
  • Author's Saving Throw: To make a long story short, the version of the story that is on Deviant Art is the second draft of the story.
    • To provide an example: Doctor Shikigami's Monster heavily implied that the only Senzu Bean plants on the Core Timeline (and that is the whole planet) prior to the titular Monster were the ones on Korin's Tower and the one that belonged to the Indianapolis Champions (though Mari admits that this was only as far she knew and that there could be more). This story mentions that there are other Senzu Bean plants out there, but they have not been grown with Korin's knowledge (up until the story proper) or using his techniques, which is one of the reasons why The Monster is so absurdly huge and produces so many Beans that it deserves its nickname.

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