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Tear Jerker / Coreline Operation Endgame

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  • Mari's reactions to watching her team and Avengers Mansion go down is pretty sad. Especially her guilt for being completely helpless to do anything to stop it.
  • SHIELD Team Seven and Mari arrive to Stingray Industries Headquarters in Chicago, which was attacked by a massive wave of CHIMERA troops in an attempt to take out the Chicago Champions. The place was devastated so badly (with medical tents, weapons damage everywhere, and people (injured and dead) lying under the sun) that Mari gets flashbacks to World War II documentaries (and Maria probably had actual World War II flashbacks). The Stingray Security Services troops held the line... although for many of them, the price was high. The fact that some of the troops give Mari the evil eye (because of a "Redshirt Army" quip that she had done all the way back on the Four Of July) and her feeling bad about it is just the cherry on the top.
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  • The fall of the White House to CHIMERA. It is something that cuts deep into President Steve Rogers' soul.

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