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  • When Captain Vincennes and her team meet Thirty/Thirty, he's quite anxious about Sara Jane and how he wants to hold her in his arms again. They naturally assume that Sara is his girlfriend. So imagine their surprise when they finally see Sara, and find out that she's a handheld positronic cannon.
  • Kakashi and Korin getting a Tex Avery-style Jaw Drop at seeing the Monster. Kakashi's mask even is even ripped off his face at that! (Although how his face actually looks like remains The Un-Reveal to the readers, unfortunately).
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  • Quicksilver Toji walking in on Jack and Arcee's Destructo-Nookie.
  • Hayate's response to finding out that the Status Quo of his home universe/series has been utterly defied by Mari and the rest of the Avengers (when he thought that not even being in another universe would change that) is to faint.

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