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Creepy Freaks is a collectable-figurine Tabletop Game created by Wiz Kids in 2003. Essentially a tabletop Mon game, the objective is to move across the board and take out your opponents creatures and a leader piece with a regular kid figure on it in scuffles called Freak Outs. Certain monsters can only move certain directions, and certain monsters are weak to the kinds of attacks that other creatures have, making strategy a key component. Individual Monsters themselves were sold in blind plastic packages, and each came with a mini comic featuring that particular character.

Though clearly intended to launch a franchise, the series never took off. A pilot for an animated TV show was also made, but was never picked up; it can be viewed on Youtube here.

Compare Mortasheen, another Mon series with similar design sensibilities, but which is most definitely not for kids.

Creepy Freaks displays the following Tropes:

  • Brain in a Jar: Jar Head
  • Mon: An obviously different take on it, As you need to buy other monsters physically as figures for the board game. aside from that, monsters in the show are never shown being caught, but they can be seemingly recruited off-screen. It can be assumed that the process of getting creepy freaks would've been shown had the series been made.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Barbie Q, Maddy, and their recolors.
  • Our Monsters Are Different: Snowmen made of gooey body fluids, yellow Fire-throwing women, Disfigured Easter bunnies, Brains in Jars, and huge mongoloid dolls are just some of your options in this series.
  • Gag Lips: Kissyface, Tulips, and Precious.
  • Gass Hole: The Big Bad of the pilot, King SBD, want to know what those initials stand for? silent but deadly.
  • Jive Turkey: Skelehomie talked like this.
  • Series Mascot: there's no official ones, but the Creepy Freaks that are the best identified by people are usually Skelehomie, Monster Under The Bed, and Frosty The Snotman,
  • Ugly Cute: some monster, but it usually depends on who's looking at what monsters.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: King SBD is defeated in the pilot episode because Nate had a cold, which his monsters also caught, allowing them to be unaffected by his absolutely awful fart due to their stuffy noses.