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Shout Out / Toon City Oklahoma

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"Death of an Idol, Impact of a Legacy" provides examples of:

  • Jimmy looking up to Superman was mostly inspired by Tom Holland's Peter Parker looking up to Tony Stark as an idol.
  • Speaking of Spider-Man, Jimmy's fight with Butch on the Playground mirrors Peter Parker's fight with Flash Thompson in the 2002 Spider-Man film.
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  • Superman's funeral is basically a combination of the funerals for him in Justice League's "Hereafter", the 2007 Direct-To-Video Death of Superman film, and the recent adaptation.

"Splitting Lyds" provides examples of:

  • There are several callbacks to the events of the Beetlejuice film in this series, and it has been mentioned in "Splitting Lyds".
  • While Claire runs off, fleeing in terror of the sight of thousands of Lydia, a hall monitor named Helga telling her to slow down.

    Season One 

The First-ever Episode provides examples of:

  • Like in the first episode of the Beetlejuice series, Lydia rides her bike home while singing "Day-O".
  • The theatrical Catdog short, "Fetch," appears to be taking place during the episode.
  • Turing "Mr. Beetleman's Roller Coaster Ride", it appears as if the kids were re-creating the opening sequences from the Beetlejuice Cartoon.
  • Helga's sarcastic comment about "An armored zombie rising from the grave coming directly for the characters, complete with spiders pouring from an empty skeletal eye socket" while visiting a graveyard sounds eerily familiar and "mysterious"....

Vengeance and the Night provides examples of:

  • Danny's crusade for Justice is similar to being like Batman.
  • Danielle has her own homemade Dani Phantom suit. Why does that sound familiar?
  • The flashback starts out similar to that of the Danny Phantom episode "Reality Trip".
  • While Tucker drowns in the flashback, Sam gets beaten to death by Jack Spicer of all people, while being trapped in a warehouse that will blow to kingdom come. Do I need to say it?