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  • Take a look at Maxwell's four leaf clover pen on his hat. He seems to enjoy everything.
  • Maxwell and Tina's hookup, where they RANKU'ed UP as well.
  • Omelette's fear involved her being chased by a wall of spiders, as thus Maxwell and Tina's fear involving the Giant Zinger Boss.
  • During the racing challenge, Omelette accidentally crashes into a giant crab on the beach. She then finds a golden Jigsaw piece and takes it for herself to give to Maxwell for his birthday.
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  • Alec's last name is Nye.
  • At the beginning of the Heat Wave episode, Whitney takes a trip to the Velvet Room.
    Whitney: Okay, this has to be a side effect from that Growth Formula I drunk yesterday...
  • In that same episode, Omelette and Vikki are watching a certain Christmas story featuring the Heat Miser. Needless to say, being the nature of the episode, they shut it off real quick.
  • In one episode, the campers run aground of the Verbal Morality Statue. Yuki solves that problem by hacking into the machine to have "alternate" curse words in place.

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