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Since the story is based upon real life with low fantasy, a lot of references to person, places, and events can find its real life counterpart.

The following example is based upon opinion, its Shout-Out reference may vary depending on different audiences.


  • The League of Antar is the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth mixed with Tsarist Russia, a lumbering titan with vast amounts of resources from farmland to men, famed heavy cavalry, and a dysfunctional mess of an oligarchic council for a government. Tierra has to stay one step ahead of and fight cleverly or get crushed by sheer weight of numbers.
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  • Many Antari Nobles has "-birit" at the end of their family. Namely, Prince Mikhail Khorobirit. Which reflects the Russian names ending with "-ov" such as Zhukov, Romanov, and Kutuzov. It does not help with the fact that Kutuzov share the same first name with Prince Khorobirit.
  • If the player learned Antari during the game, it is noted that Antari alphebets are different from the Tierran one. Russian Alphabets are different from the English Alphabet, which are originated from Cyrphillc and Late Latin Alphabetum respectively.
  • Strellyk, the partisan leader's name, is "marksman" in Antari. "Strelitz" is the phonetic translation of russian word "shooting guard", the name of the royal guard of Russia during Peter the Great's early reign.
  • In the late part of Guns of Infinity, the Dragoon Officer(MC) will notice that the Antari had line infantry just like Tierran Army, which reflects Peter the Great managed to adapt the tactics and army structure during the war with Swedish King, Charles XII. Unlike in real life, the Antari's adaptation is too late to win the war.
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  • Oberlinder horsemen are the Cossacks, who were skilled in horse riding and swift raid.


  • The Unified Kingdom of Tierra is a mixture of the British United Kingdom and Hapsburg Spain. Their military more fits the United Kingdom's model (a small, elite force that's on the verge of becoming very innovative, very fast), but culturally they have a lot in common with Spain as well.
    • Tierra's strong navy can easily related to both England and Spain, which were well-known for their naval superiority from 16th to 18th century.
    • Not to mention that majority of Tierra land are unfit for farming, which England and Spain are not known for.
  • Kentauri Highlanders's real life equivalent are related to Scottish culture. For examples, They are the early race that settles in their land(Scots are originated from Celtic people, while England are from Angleo-Saxon). Secondly, Bagpipe is found in the army, which is a trademark of Scottish culture.
  • Unified Kingdom of Tierra, the full name of Tierra, is formed by various nations and kingdoms, just like United Kingdom, which is formed by England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland(the southern Ireland become independent after WWI).
  • You'll interact with a scientist in Guns of Infinity on one of the optional routes when besieging Kharangia. He'll remark that he's trying to improve the rifles used by the Tierran Armed Forces, but can't seem to figure out a way to fire his new bullet design without it rupturing the barrel and breech-block. If your Intelligence stat is high enough, you can tell him to use a closed locking-block and bolt for the rifle, allowing the soldier to reload his rifle from the breech-block rather than from the muzzle, and invest money into the research needed. Congratulations, you've just become pivotal in the introduction of the Bolt-Action Rifle into the universe.
    • Showing continual interest in new technologies and allowing Women to fight beside men will give you the achievement War Has Changed. If you're more conservative, the achievement is War Never Changes.
  • On a minor note - as you lead the Forlorn Hope into Kharangia, you might might ask your men for a song. They give you:
'Micky was a rustler, oy-oy-yeh!'


  • For starter, Kian's full name is "Da'Kian Zi'enne Digueau", it is a modified name for "Da Kian Zi'enne Di Guo"(Great Kian Realm of Zi'enne), the name "Great Realm of X" is used in ancient China when people address to their country with pride.
  • Kian's baneless origin are due to the fact that most ancient Chinese aristocracy are not hereditary, but base on the talent and knowledge of a person. Thier hatred toward Takara is reflecting the xenophobic nature of the agricultural state. Specifically, the era from 16th century to the eve of Opium War.
  • There are a lot of Kian-related drinks and games that have its real life example. Namely, quie is referring to the Chinese Chess with rules that are slightly complicated that chess.

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