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  • As a character of any low skills trying to muddle your way through an important stat check is always good for a laugh.

Sabre of Infinity

  • If you have low intelligence and no understanding of Antari language, the reaction to an Antari farmer's complaint about one of your men can be somewhat hilarious.
    It appears that your Dragoon has broken into the man's farm and killed the man's son in a knife fight!
    • The reason why the joke is funny isn't because of the quote above, but because this turns out to be a misunderstanding— your men did not kill the farmer's son, but his pig instead. Since the farmer had to gesture it because you don't speak his langauge. The struggle to overcome the language barrier can be a source of dark humor.
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  • The MC can be quite a Deadpan Snarker to the deserting officer if you stay with Cazarosta and choose a certain option:
    Dragoon Officer (the player): Now, I believe you were in the middle of an act of rank cowardice before I so rudely interrupted you. I beg your pardon, please carry on.

Guns of Infinity

  • In your first battle, you can choose to taunt the Antari to save your men. Should you have knowledge of the Antari language, you get this:
    You shout horrible, disgusting things about their mothers, their sisters, and their goats.
  • If you choose to let your men sing during the Forlorn Hope chapter,you had the funny conversation with Campos below:
    Dragoon Officer(the player): "The men need something to keep their minds occupied. Give them a tune, would you?"
    Campos: "I, uh— I can't sing, sir."
    DO: "Says who?"
    Campos: "Says everyone in the regiment who's heard me try,"
    DO: "Well, it won't kill them to hear you try again, Sergeant,"
    Campos (muttering despondently): "No, they might just kill me instead,"
    (But then he saw the steel in your eyes and acquiesced to your bizarre command.)
    Campos: "Alright. I'll try, sir."
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  • If you fail to control your soldiers during the sack of Kharangia and have Hernandes as your staff-sergeant, this happens:
    Hernandes: "Dragoons! I cannot bear to punish you if you disobey orders, I would have to request the intervention of the Colour-sergeant."
    Hernandes might have gotten a similar effect by mentioning the name of some old and terrible dark god. They may not be afraid of you, or of Hernandes, but it is well known that Colour-sergeant Wagar fells trees with his bare hands, crushes walnuts with his bare fists, and feasts upon the flesh of human babies. None dare risk his ire.
    The men get back into ranks.
  • Harlech will brust out vulgar comments from time to time, but he cuts himself off when realizing there are ladies nearby
  • Hernandes's stuttering habit can also give a good chuckle at times, especially when he is trying to delivering a urgent notice to you.
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  • If you had saved Lewes' squadron and gained his respect in an earlier chapter, his CO snarks about how he has quite delightful things to say about you:
    Major Reyes: "Nothing but compliments, glowing ones at that. If I didn't know any better, I'd think that he was wanting to go to bed with you."

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