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GLORY! Glory to the first man to die!

The Tierran Army is led by a group of decently well-trained veterans and resourceful officers. The Antari may have numbers, terrains, and partisans to keep them busy, but they are not strong enough to drive them off their land. During the War, numerous heroic actions, brave sacrifices, and clever strategies happen to secure the victory for the country every brave warrior fought for.

Sabres of Infinity

  • Someone with high enough intelligence and soldering is able to save Elson and quickly administer first aid is this.
  • During the naval battle, the Main Character can take command for the first time and receive his first decoration, before even arriving in Antar. Not bad for an Impoverished Patrician.
  • Karol of Loch deserves this in the ambush of Kharan River. Short answer: Unless the MC sets up the baneseal well and charges the antari from behind, Loch will always escape.
    • Furthermore, if the MC screws up the baneseal deployment, Karol and his men will realize there are enemies trying to ambush them and cut the Dragoons and Grenadiers down before they can do anything.
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    • Even if the Tierran forces capture Loch, he will still put up a fight with 25-year-old Hunter, and is only subdued when a grenadier soldier stab him in the armpit while he's distracted.
  • Successfully creating a plan combining Elson's and Cazarosta's to bluff a superior force into surrendering without losing a single man. Sun Tzu would be proud. The celebration shortly afterwards with all the men cheering for him is the cherry on top..
  • In the final battle, defeating the Church Hussars, the elite of the Antari cavalry, especially impressive considering the Dragoons holding the castle are out of ammo and already tired from the previous fighting.
    • Just as awesome is the fact that a MC who decides to stay with Caz on the flank, will find himself facing off against, and defeating the one Church Hussar on foot. Standing against a heavy cavalry charge is one thing, but actually unhorsing and killing one of them (whereas the normal Dragoons have trouble fighting them three on one) is another thing entirely
  • Also just one more moment of awesome in the Battle of Blogia, The Death-Ride of the Royal Dragoons. Even if the MC don't participate in it,it's still awe-inspiring to see hundreds of men face thousands. It later inspires at least three plays and six published novels in the span of six years.
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  • In the epilogue, the MC can overcome his Despair Event Horizon and refuse to commit suicide after being disgraced after deserting in the final battle, instead resolving to use his talents to regain everything he's lost.
  • If you read the additional material in Paul Wang's developer page, there is a long report on the Battle of Blogia. It's author concluded the defeat is due to the structure of the army rather than error of the commanding officer. In fact, it is the very officer that uses their quick-thinking to save the army from total destruction.
    • Then this is made moot by the fact that Countess Welles (the author of the report) was not present and the battle of Blogia and makes several mistakes in her report. The commanding officer was responsible for the defeat: unlike what Welles says, he did not save the army (though he did gain some time by charging the Hussars, allowing the infantry to retreat, something that could be done because Havenport took command) and could have avoided everything by taking two simple measures: he could have sent the Dragoons to scout the forest and thus avoid being killed by the Church Hussards, could have placed his artillery on the right flank to reinforce it and he could have established a line of command in his brigade in case he died, something he dismissed as "beneath his concern".

Guns of Infinity
No Church Hussar will take Cazarosta down, let alone the serfs.
  • If the lieutenants and NC Os to become leaders in their own right before the battle of Kharangia, they'll stop the MC's squadron men from joining in the sack of the city should the MC be leading the Forlorn Hope. They were the only men in the entire army that didn't take part.
    • If the MC doesn't lead the Forlorn Hope, he can not only stop them from pillaging but help the Anatari by making a safe zone to protect or by stopping the rampaging soldiers.
  • The Forlorn Hope, all of it is just one big moment of awesome for your MC to shine.
  • Remember Karol of Loch from the last game? He makes a brief appearance in the battle of Mhillanovil. Though being captured, he has this off-screen awesome moment that makes the soldiers so scared that they need extra guards to watch him.
    Lieutenant Stanhope (a junior officer): "Do not mind the guards; though he has made no attempts at escape, I am told that it took nearly twenty men to subdue him. I supposed the precaution necessary."
  • If the Dragoon officer did not make it on time to capture the barge and his mount is a stallion, he can attempt to make a last ditch effort to stop the barge from escaping by letting his horse jump onto the barge and stop it with a tenpole. Though Sandoral will sees it as an insane move.
    Sandoral(blurts out):"No, he couldn't!"
    Narrator: "Yes, you are."
  • Before Second Kharangia, the MC is put in charge of the Dragoons. He can choose to ask Cunaris whether or not he thinks he's ready for the task. If he has a high enough reputation, Cunaris will answer this:
    Cunaris: "Do you think I have spent my days off the field staring at the sea and eating cherries, $!{lastname}? I have read the reports of your actions with the Duke of Havenport in Kharangia and with the King in the north, and they could not have made me prouder to be your commanding officer. I do not resort to false flattery when I say that you may be the finest officer ever to wear Dragoon colours. Rest assured, sir, I have every confidence that you will prove yourself more than worthy.
  • The last stand of the Experimental corps. A group of skirmishers against a squadron of Antari Church Hussars. If Lord Cassius accompanies the Dragoons, he gives them the highest compliment a Takaran could give. Doubles as a tearjerker.
    Cassius Vam Holt:"It is a grand shame that they were not born Takaran."
  • The player character can actually capture the Princess and vanquish two church hussars with only cavalry sabres and dragoon tunic. The scene is depicted like something out of a kung fu movie.
  • When a character who defended the ruined castle at Blogia prepares to face the Church Hussars once again, he can give Cassius a thorough, clinical description of exactly how to kill a Hussar, leaving the elf genuinely impressed.
  • Villainous example: One for Prince Mikhail of Khorobirit in the aftermath of the final battle as his circumstances are far from ideal. His armies are all but destroyed, his family and allies are either captured or dead and his enemies in the League are invading his holdings. A lesser man would most likely just give up. But Prince Mikhail of Khorobirit from the League of Antar is no lesser man, He fights back, he wins, and he rampages across his enemies holdings, ransoms back his family and allies and starts to rebuild. Like him or hate him one thing is agreed: Badass is thy name Khorobirit.

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