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Series / The Gifted: Graduation

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— The Gifted: Graduation, poster —

"I know that right now you don't care about anything other than living a happy and blissful life. But if you think you can get that kind of life without fighting, you're wrong. If you do nothing, they will take it away from you. Believe me, they can take away a normal, ordinary life of a boy like you."


The Gifted: Graduation (นักเรียนพลังกิฟต์ 2) is a Thai TV series produced by GMMTV and Parbdee, and is a sequel to The Gifted (2018). It premiered on GMM25 and LineTV on 6 September 2020. All 13 episodes are also being posted on GMMTV official YouTube channel. The series is written by Sand Dhammarong Sermrittirong and directed by Waasuthep Ketpetch.

Fight against the unfair and oppressive education system continues, but after a few presumed victories, things take a Darker and Edgier turn.