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Intentional Talk is a MLB Network show hosted by veteran sports host Chris Rose and former player Kevin Millar. While it is a sports talk show in a similar vein to the programs in the ESPN and ESPN2 afternoon blocks, the focus is (unsurprisingly) almost exclusively on baseball, with some discussion on pop culture and other news. Also unlike the so-called "screaming head" shows, Rose and Millar opt for much calmer and less contentious discussion, and while they stay professional, they also lean heavily toward having fun.


During baseball season (and during important baseball events such as the Winter Meetingsnote ), the show is an hour long. During the offseason, it is a half-hour long, and many elements may not be quite as baseball-oriented as they would be otherwise.

Segments on the show include:

  • Discussion: Conversation about topics around the world of Major League Baseball. Could be a recent trade, a pennant race, a notable team, a noteworthy achievement by a player, etc. May also venture into non-baseball related topics.
  • "The Best Interview in Baseball": An easy-flowing, humorous Q&A segment with a baseball personality or a pop culture star.
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  • "Sound Check": Intriguing sound clips with accompanying video.
  • "3 Up, 3 Down": A Monday segment, Rose's choices of good and Millar's choices of bad moments over the weekend in baseball.
  • "The Rizzo Report": Network correspondent Alanna Rizzo presents baseball stories, as well as a trivia question for Millar and Rose (and the audience).
  • "Turning Two": Rapid-fire question-and-answers. This segment takes place when "The Rizzo Report" doesn't.
  • "Kevin's Highlights": A daily segment which consists of a series of highlights and somewhat random clips introduced and commented on by Millar. Separate from these are...
  • Clips: Various short videos introduced by graphics and a disembodied voice. When shown, they are always shown in the second half of the show. There are many different types, some of them self-explanatory:
    • "That Was Awkward": A clip that ends with at least one person (and/or by proxy the viewer) feeling a bit — but not too — uncomfortable.
    • "What Just Happened?": A bizarre moment that makes little to no sense, perhaps even with context.
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    • "How Pro Was That?": A moment caught on camera the hosts liked, often a reciprocated Shout-Out to the show.
    • "Remembering 'One-Five'": A highlight (or lowlight) of Kevin Millar's baseball career. So named because Millar's preferred jersey number was 15.note 
    • "Goin' Back In Time": A clip from the past, usually at least a decade. It is often, though not always, relevant to the beginning of the following segment.
    • "Cool Story Bro": A clip where the person in it stumbles and stammers through a story.
    • "Stick To Baseball": When a baseball personality attempts something outside of baseball and does it... poorly.
    • "International Talk": A clip from a game from a non-English speaking country. The humor transcends the language barrier.
    • "Hawk's Objective Call Of The Night": A exceedingly excited or very subdued call by Chicago White Sox television play-by-play announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson.
    • "School of Jim Knox": A segment featuring Texas Rangers/Fox Sports South reporter Jim Knox doing one of his offbeat interviews or segments.
    • "This Week on MLB Network": A weekly humorous compilation of out-of-context clips of personalities from MLB Network. This is the final segment on the weekend "Best of Intentional Talk" show.
    • "Irrelevant Clip Of The Day": A funny clip that only has nothing to do with baseball, it almost never has anything to do with anything else in the show at all. Often precedes...
    • "Got Heeeem": A clip where a baseball personality is caught doing something odd, silly, or somewhat embarrassing. This is the final clip on the weekday shows.

Tropes used on Intentional Talk include:

  • Audience Participation:
    • Audience tweets and posts can be found on the bottom of the screen on the Chatter crawl. Occasionally, the hosts will also respond to tweets and posts during the show.
    • Often the bump to the break before the "Got Heeeem" segment/clip is a video of a viewer saying (or singing) the line.
  • Butt-Monkey: Many of their fellow MLB Network personalities, most often Matt Vasgersian and Greg Amsinger.
    • Rose tends to get picked on by Millar as well. Chris's wife's admitted crush on Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp is a favored means of Kevin. Rose's fanhood of the Cleveland Indians (particularly when they're doing badly) is another.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "Got heeeem!" While it's Millar's, it has also become synonymous with the show. (For example, it is often used as a hashtag for the show.)
    • Millar often refers to himself as an "'04 Champ." note 
  • Crawl: The aforementioned "Chatter".
  • Friendly Rivalry: With MLB Network off-season morning show Hot Stove.
  • Funny Background Event: If Rose and Millar are interviewing a player, especially if it's on the field, expect a teammate or an opposing team's player to show up behind him doing something silly.
  • Large Ham: Kevin Millar. This is not surprising to anyone who paid any attention to his career, especially his time with the Red Sox.
  • Pun-Based Title:
    • Intentional Talk is a play on the baseball term "intentional walk".
    • The "Kevin's Highlights" segment features highlights narrated by Kevin and refers to the blond tints Millar puts in his hair.
    • The segment "International Talk" is a pun on the show's name. (So, yes, a pun on a pun. This is par for the show, though.)
  • Running Gag:
    • The adding of, or replacement with, "guyer" to certain titles or descriptions. For example, the hot dog vendor may become the "hot dog guyer".
    • Derek Jeter, despite probably being the most well-known and famous ballplayer, never has shown up on the show for an official segment despite Kevin Millar's continued attempts and claims that he can "get" him.
      • For that matter, Millar landing anyone for the show.
  • Shout-Out: The "How Pro Is That?" clips.
  • Straight Man: Chris Rose, being the "TV veteran", as Millar calls him.
  • Witty Banter: Often happens with Rose and Millar, as well as with both hosts and correspondent Alanna Rizzo. Given the easygoing nature of the show, it works and it fits.

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